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“He who resists, always wins”
Camilo José Cela

This famous phrase by the Nobel Laureate that our university is named after, today show us the path to follow.
Today more than ever, University Camilo José Cela continues with its efforts in teaching and social commitment.
All our futures will be ensured by more research, more innovation and more entrepreneurship; strategic axes that SEK Group rests on and which we strive towards every day.

Our vision of higher education rests on three pillars

An interdisciplinary approach

We believe that new teaching methods should adapt to modern times.


University should be a space to realise each student’s potential to the fullest.

An international outlook

Learn from our international teaching staff and enjoy the benefits of our agreements with other universities from around the world.

Our vision of higher education rests on three pillars



La Universidad Camilo José Cela entrega de forma online sus Premios a las Mejores Prácticas Educativas de 2020

6th Felipe Segovia Symposium: Over 700 SEK educators take part in a laboratory experience to advance the new education model



If you don’t want to do the same old thing, don’t study the same old thing.