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Bachelor’s Degree in Business and Technology Madrid

Study the Bachelor's Degree in Business and Technology that goes far beyond a traditional business degree.
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Practical hours

Duration and characteristics

The UCJC Bachelor’s Degree in Business and Technology prepares you to occupy positions of responsibility in companies in an interconnected and technological world.


Through an ambitious 4-year bilingual syllabus and with one international stay per year, you will learn the latest trends in management, innovation, internationalisation and information systems. At the end of your studies you will have one of the most demanded professional profiles by companies and organizations.

Duración Duration: 4 years
Duración Start date: September 2024
Duración 240 ECTS
Duración In-person
Duración Bilingual
Duración Castellana Campus - School of Technology and Science
130 years
of innovation and academic rigour
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What sets us apart
Why study this degree with us?
  • Bilingual Spanish-English degree
  • International stay per year

An innovative learning model

At UCJC we help you develop the skills and abilities that will drive your success and your contribution to the future.

The learning-by-doing approach transforms education by providing students with practical, real-world experiences Through specific projects and activities, students learn practical skills, stimulate their creativity and prepare for the world of work. It is an approach that promotes active and meaningful learning.

The Hive experience
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Details of the course
Discover in depth what the UCJC Bachelor's Degree in Business and Technology is like and how it will transform you.

The world of business has been transformed and merged with that of new technologies and mathematical algorithms, giving rise to a business reality that is interconnected, global and marked by digital processes and services.


This digital transformation demands new business professionals endowed with innovative skills and resources to optimise efficiency and competitiveness in companies through forward-looking decisions based on data and technological flows.


Know in detail what you are going to learn year by year

Subjects by year

Exam timetables

Class timetables

More information

Total credits: 240 ECTS
Basic Training (B): 66 ECTS
Mandatory (M): 126 ECTS
Electives (EL): 24 ECTS.
External Internships (EJP): 12 ECTS
Final Degree Project (FDP): 12 ECTS
The Hive (La Colmena) subjects


New intake places
The number of new admission positions offered is 40.


Branch of knowledge
Social and Legal Sciences.


Admissions criteria


Your experience
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Teaching staff / Admin staff

Basic and general skills

Core competencies


CB1 – That students have demonstrated possession and understanding of knowledge in an area of study that builds on the foundation of general secondary education, and is typically at a level that, while relying on advanced textbooks, also includes some aspects that involve knowledge from the cutting edge of their field of study.


CB2 – That students know how to apply their knowledge to their work or vocation in a professional manner and possess the skills that are usually demonstrated through the development and defense of arguments and problem solving within their area of study.


CB3 – That students have the ability to gather and interpret relevant data (usually within their area of study) to make judgments that include a reflection on relevant social, scientific or ethical issues.


CB4 – Students are able to convey information, ideas, problems and solutions to both specialised and non-specialised audiences.


CB5 – That students have developed those learning skills necessary to undertake further studies with a high degree of autonomy.



General skills

CG1 – Analytical and critical capacity of the business and technological ecosystem.


CG2 – Ability to analyse and identify technical and technological processes and procedures involved in business management.


CG3 – Ability to prepare, present and communicate speeches on topics related to the business environment.


CG4 – Ability to adapt to work in digital contexts and multicultural environments with flexibility and versatility.


CG5 – Ability to experience adaptation and flexibility to the professional environment and teamwork.

Cross-cutting competencies

Cross-cutting competencies


CT1 – Ability to be critically aware of social realities and currents of thought.


CT2 – Ability to master a foreign language (English)


CT3 – Ability to master digital competencies


CT4 – Ability to master entrepreneurial competencies


CT5 – Problem-solving and decision making skills

UCJC reserves the right to change the conditions included herein due to unforeseen circumstances arising at the time of matriculation/enrolment, the essential elements of the terms and conditions shall remain the same. Likewise, stays in the countries indicated in this brochure are subject to possible variations, always with the aim of ensuring the best curricular and experiential development of students.

Faculty and guests

Get to know our highly qualified faculty
Stefano Visintin

Stefano Visintin

Economista e investigador
María Ángeles Fernández López

María Ángeles Fernández López

Doctora en CC. Económicas y Empresariales
David Moreno Casas

David Moreno Casas

Coordinador del Grado en Emprendimiento y Gestión de Empresas de la UCJC.
Sonia Alda Mejía

Sonia Alda Mejía

Doctora en Historia

Internships and employability

Real in-company projects
100% of our students in this degree have obtained a job within 6 months.
Job placement
You will be able to do your internship in prestigious companies from the first day of the course. ...

Other students on the degree

“The Bachelor’s Degree in Business and Technology has given me the opportunity to have a global vision of the business world, in which it is no longer enough to know only business administration, but technology is a fundamental tool in all fields”.

María Carrillo Gómez
María Carrillo Gómez
Degree student

In addition to the incredible experience of the trip to Shanghai, I would like to highlight the methodology of the teachers when teaching classes in a practical, active and close to the real world way. Linked to all of this, the UCJC

... Read more
Julia Salvador
Julia Salvador
Degree student


Your campus is the world

As a student of this bilingual degree you will live an international experience by doing a different Study Abroad trip each year. You will have the opportunity to apply your business and technological knowledge in a global and multicultural context:


China or Singapore

You will travel to the Far East, take classes at a renowned university (in the 2018-19 academic year the undergraduate students went to Fudan University in Shanghai), and visit innovative companies.

Fees and grants

Check the tuition fees for your studies and the financial aid you can access to study at UCJC.

Whether you are a new student or if you are going to take your second or subsequent years, you can check the price of the degree

Grants and scholarships
We currently have undergraduate and postgraduate scholarships, as well as financing options for our students.


We explain step by step how to complete the admission process at UCJC
Admission test consists of English proficiency test

You can do it in person or, if you prefer, online

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Submission of mandatory documents

Once the test has been carried out, you must provide us with the necessary documents.

Submission of additional documents

Depending on the studies you have completed previously, we may request more documents from you.

Validations and mobility between courses

At UCJC we value learning above all else.

If your studies do not suit you and you want to change to another degree, if you come from another university or have a degree and want to continue your academic training, you can count on our help and advice throughout the entire process.

Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the questions our students ask.

What subjects are studied in Business and Technology?

Some of the subjects of the Bachelor’s in Business and Technology are statistics, accounting, microeconomics and macroeconomics, programming, etc.

What are the opportunities for graduates in business and technology?

The Bachelor’s Degree in Business and Technology offers a variety of career opportunities, such as business management, business consulting, data analysis and business intelligence.

How many years does the degree in Business and Technology take?

The Bachelor’s Degree in Business and Technology at UCJC lasts 4 years.

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