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Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Engineering Madrid

Study the Degree in Computer Engineering that prepares you for the present and the future of digital environments.
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Computer Engineering Degree Program

Study the Degree in Computer Engineering in Madrid that prepares you for the present and the future of a digitalized world.

You will receive a in-depth training in all the fundamental branches of computer science, which you will be able to complement it with a specialisation in Software Engineering or Information Technology, and you will have an updated curriculum, aligned with industry trends, taught by a faculty of professors made up of important working professionals.

Duración Duration: 4 years
Duración Start: September 2024
Duración 240 ECTS
Duración In person
Duración Spanish
Duración Castellana Campus - School of Technology and Science
130 years
of innovation and academic rigour
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What sets us apart

Why study this degree with us?
  • You will learn with professional experts in the sector and in a practical way in national and international companies with which Camilo José Cela University has an agreement.
  • An updated curriculum aligned with industry trends and needs.
Why study this degree with us?
  • You will learn with professional experts in the sector and in a practical way in national and international companies with which Camilo José Cela University has an agreement.
  • An updated curriculum aligned with industry trends and needs.
  • A broad preparation that offers you an in-depth training in the area of software engineering or information technologies.
  • Teaching staff made up of the best specialist teachers.

An innovative learning model

At UCJC we help you develop the competencies and skills that will drive your success and your contribution to the future.

The Learning by Doing approach transforms education by providing students with hands-on, real-world experiences. Through specific projects and activities, they develop practical skills, stimulate their creativity and prepare for the world of work. It is an approach that promotes active and meaningful learning.

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Details of the degree
Discover in depth what the UCJC's Bachelor's Degree in Computer Engineering is like and how it will transform you.

The Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Engineering is aimed at all those who are passionate about technology, computer science and programming, and who wish to specialise in an area with a high demand for professionals.

Through an applied teaching methodology and a completely practical approach, you will learn to use the most innovative technologies, tools and programming languages to become a professional capable of successfully leading technological and IT projects.

Subjects and timetable of the Bachelor's Degree in Computer Engineering

Get to know in detail what you will learn year by year

Subjects per year

Especialidad en ingeniería del software (Specialty in software engineering)

Subjects Credits Type
Desarrollo de software avanzado (Advanced software development) 6 EL
Ingeniería de requisitos y calidad del software (Requirements engineering and software quality) 6 EL
Arquitectura software (Software architecture) 6 EL
Integración de aplicaciones (Application integration) 6 EL
Desarrollo multiplataforma (Cross-platform development) 6 EL
Desarrollo de servidor y big data (Server development and big data) 6 EL
Soluciones y despliegue en la nube (Cloud solutions and deployment) 6 EL
Diseño de software seguro y fiable (Secure and reliable software design) 6 EL

Especialidad en tecnologías de la información (Specialty in information technology)

Subjects Credits Type
Desarrollo de software de sistemas (Systems software development) 6 EL
Gestión de procesos e infraestructura DevOps (DevOps infrastructure and process management) 6 EL
Despliegue y automatización (Deployment and automation) 6 EL
Desarrollo de front-end (Front-end development) 6 EL
Diseño y despliegue de aplicaciones multiplataforma (Multi-platform application design and deployment) 6 EL
Contenedores, virtualización y escalabilidad (Containers, virtualization and scalability) 6 EL
Despliegue y monitorización en la nube (Cloud deployment and monitoring) 6 EL
Ciberseguridad de redes y aplicaciones (Network and application cybersecurity) 6 EL

All the subjects of a specialty must be chosen.

Exam calendar

Class timetables

More information

Total credits: 240 ECTS
Basic Training (B): 78 ECTS
Mandatory (M): 90 ECTS
Electives (EL): 60 ECTS
Final Degree Project (FDP): 12 ECTS

Your experience
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Teaching and admin staff

UCJC reserves the right to modify the established conditions described above due to any circumstances not foreseen at the time of formalising the registration / enrolment of the student, maintaining in any case the essential conditions of the same. Likewise, stays in the countries indicated are subject to possible variations, always seeking the best for the curricular and experiential development of the student.

Professors of the Degree in Computer Engineering

Get to know our highly qualified faculty
Julio Sandubete Galán

Julio Sandubete Galán

Doctor Acreditado en Data Science
Felix Ladstätter

Felix Ladstätter

Doctor en Metodología de las Ciencias del Comportamiento y de la Salud.
Diego González Rodríguez

Diego González Rodríguez

Investigador del Computing and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CAILab). Director del European Institute of Consciousness Research.
Diego Millán Berdasco

Diego Millán Berdasco

Doctor en Matemáticas por la Queen Mary University of London.

Internships and Employability

Apply your learning to the real world through internships from the first year onwards
Job outlets
One of today’s most employable professions
Discover the world of computer engineering with real projects in the best companies. ...

Fees and financial aid

Check the tuition fees for your course and the grants you can obtain to study at UCJC.

Whether you are a new student or if you are going to take your second or subsequent years, you can check the price of the degree

UCJC annually announces undergraduate and graduate scholarships. Check all the financial aid and financing possibilities we have available for our students.


We explain step by step how to complete the admission process at UCJC
Admissions test

You can do it in person or, if you prefer, online

Submission of mandatory documents

Once the test has been carried out, you must provide us with the necessary documents.

Submission of additional documents

Depending on the studies you have completed previously, we may request more documents from you.

Validations and mobility between study plans
At UCJC we value learning above all else.

If your studies do not suit you and you want to change to another degree, if you come from another university or if you have a degree and want to continue your academic training, you can count on our help and advice throughout the process.

Academic Portal

Obtain detailed information on the management and academic results of the degree courses

Through this portal you will be able to access documents, regulations and administrative procedures, such as the documentation on monitoring and renewal processes in the accreditation of the degree.

Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the questions our students ask themselves.

How many years do you have to study to become a computer engineer?

The degree in Computer Engineering lasts 4 years.

What are the branches of computer engineering?

Computer engineering encompasses different branches such as computer science, information technology, programming, web development, databases, artificial intelligence, computer security and more.

What is computer engineering?

Computer engineering is a discipline that deals with the creation, development, maintenance and evaluation of computer systems and technologies.

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