SEK Education Group was born of a hundred-year family tradition of freedom and autonomy, free from any religious, political or financial ties. Pioneers since 1892, its only commitment is the development of quality education in line with its ethos, its values and its educational principles.

Founded in 1892, Felipe Segovia Olmo (1936-2013) was General Director (1958) and President of SEK Education Group (1965). From the year 2000 he was the first Rector Magnifico, Honorary Rector and Chancellor of Camilo José Cela University. In 2010, Nieves Segovia Bonet took over as President.

Students are the measure of the life and education at SEK Education Group, we educate freely and advocating for freedom, shouldering the responsibility that this entails while respecting and fostering diversity and religious freedom. We consider work an essential factor in personal worth and advancement and encourage solidarity and international projection at all times, with the aim for students to attain the highest level of personal improvement. In order to ensure this, we implement our own unique educational system that develops all aspects of students’ personalities.

Camilo José Cela University is the culmination of SEK’s educational project, with over 120 years of teaching experience and is “at the service of the common human spirit of achievement, striving for a better society.”

UCJC as the culmination of the SEK educational model

UCJC is the only university named after a Spanish Nobel laureate. On 18 October 18, 2000, Camilo José Cela wrote the following lines in the university’s honour book:

“Today … I step onto this campus for the first time, a campus that aspires to sow knowledge and foster values and attitudes. I never suspected, after so many years, that I would live such joyous and momentous occasions because men, despite our efforts, never get used to seeing the extraordinary and rare as usual and true … I hope that these classrooms educate students to live virtuously and realise Lope de Vega’s vision when he called universities the nature of the soul”

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