School of Health

Health is understood, in all our courses and research projects, as the optimal biopsychosocial development of the individual, in which, in addition to adding years to life, life must be added to years, and where disease prevention, ongoing care and healthy lifestyle habits will be fundamental focuses of attention.

This approach, recommended by the WHO, leads us to educate our students from a multidisciplinary perspective, open to other fields of knowledge, with an international vision and with a critical and entrepreneurial spirit, which must be added to the most up-to-date development of skills in different professional areas (nursing, psychology, physiotherapy, physical activity…) and the ability to develop research specific to their field and disseminate it in the journals and other channels.

The teaching faculty strives to combine the highest levels of professionalism, working in close collaboration with leading centres and institutions of each field, while at the same time producing a great deal of research. In addition, our academics and educators teach students in a different way, with students taking a very active role in their own learning, combining team work in multidisciplinary teams with independent work, using the most advanced educational technology according to the most appropriate teaching methods, and always in direct contact with their teachers.

The vocation that moves our students is shared by our teachers, and together, in the school’s educational ecosystem, they obtain the best development of our future graduates.

Degree Studies at the School of Health:

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Miguel Ángel Pérez Nieto

Dean of the School of Health

DeanMiguel Ángel Pérez Nieto
Academic SecretaryCayetana Ruiz Zaldibar
Quality CoordinatorNoemí Mayoral Gonzalo
Student CoordinatorCristina Ojedo Martín


Extraordinary Chairs

Marqués De Samaranch Olympic Chair:

Our aim is to promote Olympic ideals, raise awareness on how Olympism goes beyond sport, it is inseparable from education and considers the service of peace and unity among peoples as its raison d’etre.

Ferrán Adrià Chair in Gastronomic Culture and Food Science:

We bring the world of gastronomy closer to education, promoting the study and research of Food Sciences at a higher level.

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