Centre for Equestrian Studies – Camilo José Cela University

Integrating equestrian sports into professional and university training, Camilo José Cela University Centre for Equestrian Studies was created to meet the needs of equestrian professionals in sports, management, organisational and competition aspects, being a leading entity for training in the equestrian field. Without forgetting classic horse riding and using new communication technologies and the application of renewable energies, the CEE seeks the development of all facets of equestrianism in a safer environment and with the least environmental impact. The commitment of the UCJC Centre for Equestrian Studies is that our students acquire the knowledge of classical and para-equestrian riding and the Olympic / Paralympic disciplines, as well as the necessary skills that will allow the future professional equestrian to face complex work activities and inclusive sport. The UCJC Centre for Equestrian Studies will offer the Higher Sports Instructor Qualification in Horse Riding.

The UCJC CEE qualifications will be taught on the university campus in Villafranca del Castillo, where the UCJC Sports Club is located, which makes all its equestrian facilities available to our students (jumping track, dressage track, school track, covered riding arena), in addition to the RACE Horse Riding Section.




  • Horse Riding Intermediate Vocational Training
  • Horse Riding Higher Vocational Training




  • Classical Dressage Training Clinic
  • Adapted Dressage Clinic
  • Beginners and Intermediate Complete Riding Competition Clinic
  • Initiation to Discipline Clinic by TREC
  • Show Jumping Clinic