CEA presentation

The Centre for Advanced Studies (CEA) is the academic unit at Camilo José Cela University specialised in the development of tailor-made training solutions with the aim of satisfying the needs of those students aspiring to ongoing education.

At CEA we understand training as a channel for transmitting knowledge, a solution designed with our students in mind to adapt to their needs and to all the variables that affect the optimal and correct execution of projects.

Camilo José Cela University began its activity in 2000, which represents the consolidation of an educational project focused on training people with a high standard of critical thinking.

SEK Education Group's experience in technological and pedagogical innovation over the years enables us to create teaching programmes and methodologies with a high level of specialisation and professionalism that provide training solutions to companies and executive training.




Internships at companies

Face-to-face tailor made training for companies, organisations, sectors, … Aimed at managers, middle and senior executives and specialised personnel in companies.


Ongoing Training

Taught by partners and institutions certified by the UCJC with closed ECTS / CFC syllabi in design, marketing and external management, with partners such as Magister, Campus education, among others.


Executive Training

UCJC's own catalogue, deconstruction of UCJC undergraduate and graduate programmes for managers or open programmes suitable for all students.

For further information, please contact us:

Tf. 91 2890123
Tf. 620224428