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The construction represents 40 % of the energy consumed in the world, this Master prepares experts able to respond to the search for the integration of renewable energies in both new construction or renovation .

Career Opportunities for the Future

  • Creator of architectural projects on bioclimatic principles.
  • Responsible for energy efficiency in architectural studies , urban planning and engineering.
  • Energy certification of buildings.
  • Research and teaching in the field of energy efficiency.
  • Practical Guidance and Employability.

The Final Master work is coordinated with practices in renowned studios
Actual work environment . Studio Model
Schedule for professionals.

  • MEEBA: Official European Master – 600 hours (Fifth Edition)
  • Runtime: 40 weeks (2014 September 26 – 2015 July 24)
  • An Global Academic Program: this programs had been designed specifically as an official qualification that deals with the new global demands on architecture.
  • International Teachers: The Academic Staff is made up of renowned international teachers, as Anupama Kundoo among others.
  • Students may have professional internships and doctoral studies leading Ph. D.

  • Director: Miguel Ángel Díaz Camacho, Architect, Ph. D.
  • Faculty Staff: Anupama Kundoo, José Miguel de prada Poole, Anne Vogt, Farid Moktar…

Matter I: Climate, Urbanism and Bioclimatic Architecture

  • 150 hours
  • Includes validation of the subject “Sustainable Urban Design”included in course “Specialist in Affordable Habitat” (SAH, 30hours)

Matter II: New technologies, Building Systems and Materials

  • 150 hours
  • Includes validation of the subject “Efficiency, affordability and architecture sustainability” included in (SAH, 30 hours)

Matter III: Computer Simulation and Building Energy Certification

  • 150 hours

Matter IV: Final Master Degree

  • 150 hours
  • Includes validation of the “Final Research” included in (SAH, 30 hours)

  • Architects and engineers that are concerned with sustainability and the challenges of energy use.
  • Architects and engineers that thinks on a possibility of a hand made architecture or seek for a new way of conceiving building activities.
  • Architects and engineers that want to develop his area of investigation within bioclimatic problems referred to architecture and building activities.

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