Today, more than ever, deciding on a university is a transcendental choice that will have a major impact on the future of each student. Fundamentally because the education and knowledge that sets students head and shoulders above others has become one of the most valuable resources in a society which is currently in the throes of a full-blown technological revolution.

The professors, lecturers, researchers, managers and professionals that make up University Camilo José Cela are devoted and committed to meeting this demand each and every day with maximum efficiency and excellence.

Young people, their families and all those who visit our university are able to see for themselves that our model is based on solid values that promote ongoing and continuous learning with the most modern teaching methods and that we consider talent and an entrepreneurial spirit as the most valuable assets in this new reality.

University students must prepare themselves for the new challenges that sustainable development and digital transformation pose and therefore this new era requires a flexible and transversal university. Our university is perfectly prepared to face this interactive process because it is committed to the generation and transfer of knowledge, training and fostering new skills in students, within a framework of all-round and planned improvement, aimed at realising their full potential and their active insertion in society and culture.

This approach is presided over by our firm commitment to cooperative entrepreneurship, because entrepreneurs play, and will increasingly play, a leading role in the future job market.

To all this we must add ongoing training in new technological tools, necessary to foster and encourage creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship and that cross-cuts and shapes our educational offer.

Simultaneously, University Camilo José Cela focuses on students’ personal development, which will complement their skills in applying what they have learnt to real-life and complex situations in their future personal and working lives and that will enable them to go on to work and develop a professional career anywhere in the world.

Please to continue to browse our website and, of course, join our community of excellence, a leading standard in the technology and higher education sector with an ethos that defends and advocates for individual freedom, critical spirit, teaching excellence and social commitment

Warm greetings.



Emilio Lora-Tamayo D’Ocón.
Rector of University Camilo José Cela
Professional career