UCJC continues to offer a distance learning education model

At University Camilo José Cela we continue to work to preserve the health and safety of our educational community and we are permanently in contact with the national and regional authorities regarding the coronavirus outbreak (COVID-19).

Always with the key objective of continuing to offer the best education to our students.

Below you can find a compilation of the updated available information from the health authorities (World Health Organization and the Spanish Ministry of Health), as well as the latest statements issued to the UCJC Community on the resumption of teaching through distance learning.

1.- What measures has UCJC adopted?

At University Camilo José Cela, and following instructions from the Spanish Ministry of Health and the Madrid Regional Health Ministry and complying with the extraordinary measures approved by the Madrid Regional Government on COVID-19 ruling that in person teaching should be suspended as of 10 March, the university will continue to offer distance learning as of 11 March and until the authorities lift the extraordinary measures aimed at containing the COVID-19 pandemic.

2.- Will classes continue?

Yes, classes are continuing as normal online from 11 March and at least until the authorities lift the extraordinary measures aimed at containing the COVID-19 pandemic.

3.- When will the in-person teaching resume?

The Spanish Government has declared a state of emergency, which is why all teaching is being given online. Our teaching staff are teaching from their homes and will continue to do so until the authorities allow them to continue with in person teaching.

4.- Can you continue doing internships at companies?

All face-to-face work experience and internships, regardless of geographical location, both on the curriculum and those extracurricular work placements, are considered in person teaching, even if they are not taught at the university itself. Therefore, following the criteria established by Madrid Region, internships and work experience are suspended until further notice from the relevant authorities.

5.- How are exams going to be sat?

Dates will be changed according to the duration of the state of emergency, if appropriate.

6.- What UCJC services are still operating?

Both teaching and administration services continue to function normally. Further information: https://sekucjc.service-now.com/university?id=sc_home_ucjc

7.- Can I borrow and access books or materials from the library?

The UCJC library continues to offer its services remotely. More information in the 360 Degree Student Portal: https://sekucjc.service-now.com/university?id=sc_category&sys_id=4240b08ddb4e1340233c8edf4b9619d5&catalog_id=-1

8.- I need to carry out administrative tasks, who should I contact?

Please see the information below depending on the service or department you wish to contact: https://www.ucjc.edu/alumnos/ https://sekucjc.service-now.com/university

9.- Does the 360 Degree Student service continue to function normally?

Yes, services continue to function normally through the 360 Degree Student Portal or on the student app: https://sekucjc.service-now.com/university https://www.ucjc.edu/2019/12/la-universidad-camilo-jose-cela-lanza-su-nueva-app/

10.- I think I may be infected or someone in my circle has had COVID-19, what should I do?

You must refer to the action protocols provided by the health authorities https://www.comunidad.madrid/servicios/salud/2019-nuevo-coronavirus

We also encourage you to consult all the information and recommendations of the health authorities (WHO, Ministry of Health, Madrid Regional Ministry of Health) that you can find in this section.

11.- I have an international trip planned to study or carry out an internship abroad, can I still go?

UCJC has suspended all Study Abroad trips, international weeks, Erasmus and international exchange trips and internships until further notice, except those that are currently in progress. In these cases, studies will continue on an individual bases, always following the instructions of Spanish authorities and those of destination countries.

12.- I am experiencing technical difficulties in accessing my platforms.

You can contact the IT Systems department through the 360 Student Portal: https://sekucjc.service-now.com/university

13.- I want to visit the campus, is it possible?

It is not possible at this time; however, you can take a virtual tour accompanied online by your degree advisor whenever you want. You just have to register here: https://www.ucjc.edu/universidad/ucjc-visita/