School of Technology and Science

Lead the digital, global and social transformation

We are in the midst of a technological revolution that will fundamentally change the way we live, work and relate. This transformation will be completely different from anything experienced before in scale, scope and complexity.

New types of digital uses allow for new types of innovation and creativity in a particular field, but also in environments such as society, government, global communications, art, medicine and science.

In this sense, at UCJC we are aware of the impact that these changes will have on our environment. These include necessary changes in cities where we live, designing transport connections to cover new ways of commerce, the images that we generate to be understood by businesses that have to expand beyond their traditional borders in order to grow.

Degree Studies at the School of Technology and Science

Research projects:
  • Pielsen

DeanTomás García Martín
Academic SecretaryGema González Carreño
Quality CoordinatorRamiro Mínguez Rueda
Student CoordinatorEsther Valdés Tejera