School of Communications and Humanities

Study communications for social progress

Communications is an interdisciplinary field encompassing the experiences that make us human.
In order do this, it is necessary to tackle different specialities related to people: relationships, diversity and behaviour. How we think, how we feel and how we relate.

Some common and inherent elements of communications and the humanities are critical thinking; information sharing; persuasion and clarification of ideas; evaluation and interpretation of information; attention to detail and the ability to summarise information clearly.

At UCJC we prepare professionals capable of researching, reasoning, negotiating and transmitting ideas and generating a secure environment where people can exercise their rights to information, education, security and recreation.

Eva García Montero

Dean the School of Communications and Humanities.

DeanEva García Montero
Academic SecretaryPilar Antolínez Merchán
Quality CoordinatorLaura Melendo Rodríguez-Carmona
Student CoordinatorAna Calderón Granizo

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Camilo José Cela Chair of Hispanic Studies

A meeting place for research and teaching around the personality, work and cultural contributions of Camilo José Cela.