BeWell Center

The UCJC BeWell Center was set up to respond to the need to find emotional and mental balance and physical wellbeing.

We live in highly demanding times requiring resilience and flexibility to adapt to constantly changing and sometimes hostile environments. Which is why it is essential to achieve the inner balance that allows us to relate to our environment from entrepreneurial and collaborative action.

Our goal is the wellbeing of people and their personal fulfilment in a corporal, mental, emotional and transpersonal sense.

Our mission is to offer our educational community and society training and support in the skills and competencies necessary to develop a life in fullness, happiness and harmony.

Development areas

  • UCJC Master’s Degree in Mindfulness
  • Expert Course in Mindfulness Applied to Education
  • Master’s Degree in School Health that includes mindfulness and socio-emotional skills in addition to the Healthy Schools initiative led by its director Dr. Jaime Barrio Cortés.

  • R&D project design intended for the validation of own programmes.
  • Incorporation of results from UCJC research groups.
  • Joint research with international universities.
  • Doctoral theses carried out at UCJC.

  • Development of short courses and own programmes. The CRAFT programme was created by a student on the Expert Course in Mindfulness who is now part of the team of teachers.
  • Mindfulness and socio-emotional education programmes at SEK Schools
  • Agreements and joint actions with SEK collaborators and guest lecturers from our postgraduate courses.
  • Agreements with national and international universities.
  • Celebration of scientific dissemination events and actions with our partners such as BCorp whose values are aligned with the vision of social and business promotion of well-being, health and happiness.