Dear students, parents, companies and society,

Selecting a university is one of the most difficult, definitive, time-consuming and costly moments in the life of students and their relatives. Of course well-meaning friends, colleagues and experts in the field will make recommendations, but ultimately it must be the students themselves who take the decision. Students, taking their convictions and world-views to heart, seek to follow their calling and pursue their broadest visions as they strive to satisfy their curiosity and fire their imagination. What is best for one student, whatever his or her age, will not necessarily be best for another, despite apparent background similarities and comparable skills, academic records and work experience. 

The decision to opt for one university instead of another will depend on, and indeed must always be determined by, one’s approach to one’s surroundings, one’s sensitivities and preferences, the profession or field one may want to pursue in life and one’s role within society. All of this should be taken into account when selecting the environment where studies will be pursued; in turn the university in question must respond in a scholarly and practical manner. Being a part of the Universidad Camilo José Cela(UCJC), be it as student, faculty, researcher, executive or manageris doubtless one of the most gratifying and meaningful ways of facing up to and committing to the questions posed and answers given in the 21st C. 

Thank you for spending time on our website.

Sincerely yours,


Samuel Martín-Barbero, Ph.D.
Rector Universidad Camilo José Cela
Professional career