The University created the Chair for the Culture of Peace, presided over by Professor Federico Mayor Zaragoza, as a commitment to its belief in the democratic values and spirit of coexistence, as enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Its purpose is to teach students to recognise and create the right conditions for peaceful living, respect for the environment, for a person’s right to go about his/her daily business independently and for the rules of coexistence.

The subject matter taught is designed to look at society and the world in a more integrated way. We do not regard it as a list of different topics. And neither should the culture of peace be considered to be of solely academic interest. It is also the bedrock of a constructive way of living in the world. The Chair aspires to reveal how different sciences can be studied from various perspectives, such as the philosophy of knowledge, education and the humanizing effect sciences can have. At the same time, the purpose is to underpin the principles of democracy, freedom, cultural diversity and dialogue between different peoples and individuals.

In the final analysis, what we aim to do is promote a democratic education, encourage compliance with human rights and foster critical thinking. For these reasons, the Chair is not exclusive but all embracing in the range of the subjects it covers. It does not focus on any one concrete type of specialisation. Instead, it encompasses all degrees, areas of theoretical specialisation and the practical activities of a university education.