The university has a number of affiliated centres through which it offers students a specialised education closely adapted to the new professional profiles companies are demanding. The range varies from official degree programmes in the digital sector to postgraduate and Masters degree programmes.


The Cela Open Institute

The institute is dedicated to higher education and research through teaching and continuing education, based on the principle of university autonomy expressed in the freedom of teaching, research and study. We are an institution with very close links with the business world and we work with the most important companies quoted on the Ibex 35.

The Cela Open Institute offers flexible online programmes: our platform, our classes and our continuous support ensure that our students can study anywhere at any time. We believe that higher education must be accessible. Our grants and scholarships allow students to obtain official degrees at a reasonable cost.


Bureau Veritas

The Bureau Veritas University Centre is the largest educational institution in the postgraduate eLearning sector. Offering the guarantee of a world leader and integrated in the Bureau Veritas Group, the centre shares its vast knowledge and specialisation potential in the areas of quality, health safety, environment and social responsibility (QHSE).


U-TAD (University Centre for Technology and Digital Art)

The centre specialises in education in the major areas of the digital economy with degree and postgraduate programmes. Its education model is based on excellence, innovation, technology and entrepreneurship in the digital sector by honing the skills needed by students to start a professional career in the digital world.


University School of Design and Innovation

The University School of Design and Innovation is the only school in Spain that offers such a wide range of official degree programmes in design and technology. Its learning model is based on offering students specialisation from the first term of their courses, so that they benefit not only from what they learn in their degree syllabus, but will also establish synergies with other study programmes and end up gaining a cross-curricular perspective of their area of specialisation.