International students are an important part of Camilo José Cela University (UCJC), providing diverse perspectives that promote our mission of global education.


HST Pre-College Program

Humanities, Sciences, and Technology (HST)

A two-week intensive summer course that provides high school students with an innovative and interdisciplinary academic experience.
We are committed to helping you boost your personal abilities and discover new talents.

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Spain is Cinema

A unique opportunity to see Madrid through cinema and immerse yourself in Spain’s recent history.

Discover new ways of learning alongside leading film-makers such as Almodóvar, Benicio del Toro, Amenábar and Alex de la Iglesia.

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Spain is cinema

Graduate Programmes

  • Programmes in Spanish
  • Programmes in English
    • Master in Athletic Training and Therapy:
      • International training to prepare students to certified as Athletic Trainer in North America and Europe.
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    • Official Master’s Degree In International Education And Bilingualism:
      •  A programme that teaches active methods that are in line with IB teaching principles. The Master’s Degree will prepare you to obtain the Advanced IB Certificate in Teaching and Learning Research that allows you to further your career at any IB school around the world.
    • Master’s Degree in Sports Management and Technology
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Study Abroad Programs:

  • Become a Global Citizen, BGC, in the Heart of Madrid. Three-week, 80-hour intensive course we execute an innovative learning model that combines language with intercultural skills.

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