Study Abroad at UCJC
Explore Spain as a global citizen while earning university credits through year, semester or short-term programs

Explore Spain as a global citizen while earning university credits through year, semester or short-term programs.

Founded in 2000, UCJC is part of SEK Education Group, whose proven track record in teaching excellence spans over 125 years. As a young university, UCJC is forward-looking and uniquely placed to bridge the gap between traditional and modern times, through a liberal arts and applied sciences approach to higher education.

The university boasts four different schools: Education, Health, Communications and Humanities and Technology and Science, which offer a range of Spanish and European official undergraduate and graduate programs.

UCJC works with selected partner universities to offer their students the opportunity of exploring Spain and discovering their inner global citizen while earning university credits through year, semester and short-term programs.

Students who come to UCJC for longer or shorter periods will have the opportunity to:

  • Take Spanish language and culture classes
  • Go on cultural outings
  • Join a variety of activities such as museum visits and flamenco shows
  • Explore service-learning opportunities and volunteering in Madrid
  • Experience UCJC’s vibrant student life through clubs such as the International Club, where they will meet students from across the globe in cultural events and language exchanges


Undergraduate courses at UCJC

All our international mobility students who spend a semester or year abroad at UCJC can choose from a variety of classes taught in English or Spanish (or bilingually) in the fields of Education, Health, Communications and Film, Criminology, Law, Business and Technology, Transport and Logistics and Urban Management, among others. Students will be able to take subjects which will provide them with complementary knowledge and skills to their major or main degree; these global experiences foster the acquisition of competencies more than simply learning of content.

Spanish language and culture

During their time at UCJC, international students also have the opportunity of taking Spanish language and culture classes each semester. These face-to-face sessions are combined with cultural activities, which include visits to Madrid’s Prado and Reina Sofia Museums as well as the Filmoteca Española. Students will also have the chance to visit local wineries and nearby historic cities such as Segovia and Toledo.


Short-term Study Abroad programs

We welcome faculty-led programs from other universities. We can also customise a short-term course to your specifications with the aim of adding value to your students’ integrated learning experience and complementing their studies.

UCJC offers a wide range of short programs in the fields of Education, Health, Communications, Film, and many more.


Spanish Short-term Study Abroad program

Become a Global Citizen is the title of UCJC’s intensive Spanish language program, which includes daily language courses, cultural activities (flamenco and cooking classes, architectural and museum visits and brewery tours, etc.), and weekly global skills workshops, which focus on increasing intercultural communication skills. This all-round package allows students of different levels of Spanish-language competency (from beginner to upper intermediate) to improve their level significantly while having a fully international experience that focuses on cultural sensitivity and growth. These programs are available both in summer and winter.



Exclusive Spanish Programs at Sea
UCJC offers two exclusive programs at sea aboard our sailboat Cervantes Saavedra

Basic information about the sailboat Cervantes Saavedra

This unique three-masted sailboat is approximately 50 meters long, with the capacity to accommodate 28 passengers on board, distributed in 13 cabins with bathrooms. Moored in the port of Valencia, Spain, the Cervantes Saavedra helps us envision the sea as an ideal environment for the formation of all kinds of knowledge, virtues and values



Humanities, Sciences and Technology - HST

Our pre-college summer program in Humanities, Science and Technology (HST) is a two-week intensive summer course aimed at high school and secondary school students, which provides them with an innovative and interdisciplinary academic experience. The program is designed in a cross-disciplinary way by interconnecting different areas of knowledge, from life sciences to social sciences and humanities. This program is very popular among Spanish and international students from the ages of 16-18. Class content ranges from imagining cyborgs and new human ethics, architecture and its human experience, to multimedia workshops and public speaking. The full human experience is interdisciplinary and integrated with change. Our aim is to prepare students for today’s world by helping them develop critical thinking skills and competences.

UCJC Senior


The UCJC-Senior academic offering is constantly expanding

UCJC, with the aim of making learning universal, offers a range of courses for people over 50 who are interested and motivated to continue learning. The objective is for the classroom to become an ideal place for meeting, training and exchanging knowledge and experiences.