International Students 

There are three steps that international students applying for admission must follow (the documents to be submitted will be indicated at each stage of the process):

  1. Official nomination from your university
    Regarding the documentation you will need to submit and the academic levels required, the criteria established by the Spanish Education Ministry for your country of origin will apply.
  2. Documents (AF / LA)
  3. Letter of acceptance

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Academic excellence grants (including International Baccalaureate)

Grants for elite performance sports

  • Felipe Segovia Foundation grants
  • “UCJC part-time jobs” grants for students who:
    • Promote the university (“Student ambassadors”)
    • Promote UCJ events (“UCJC events ambassadors”)
    • Advise their peers (“Student mentors”)
    • Provide information to new students
    • Help with the services of the Student Centre (sports, volunteering service, alumni, COIE etc.)
    • Contribute in other activities of SEK Schools and the Felipe Segovia Foundation
  • Grants for working student
  • Disability grants
  • International mobility grants
  • Study support and family help
  • Financing

We have a lot of services and information about admissions for Erasmus students.
Find all of them in International office.