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At University Camilo José Cela we continue with the transformation started by SEK Education Group with its pioneering open classroom approach called “the intelligent classroom”. We foster a different education that sets us apart in offering personal and professional development, as well as meaningful learning, focusing on the influence of spaces on learning. Which is why we have created the new UCJC LearningLab and DesignLab.

These new LABS are open spaces that enable reflection, debate and the development of active methodologies. Our way of learning is based on a culture of work and collaboration, the development of creativity, critical thinking and communications skills. Our goal is for each student to play an active role in their learning process, fostering greater engagement. We focus on developing your skills, preparing you for your professional future. Methodologies, technology and spaces at UCJC are at the service of education, ensuring our students enjoy the best learning experiences and contributing to their overall success

Designed by

Director of the Felipe Segovia Chair for Innovation at UCJC

Stephen Heppell

This project has been led by the international expert Stephen Heppell and with the participation of UCJC students and professors.


Stephen Heppell is a leading expert in the fields of learning, space design and technology.
He currently directs the Felipe Segovia Chair for Innovation in Learning at University Camilo José Cela.

He works on student-led projects and with governments, international agencies, Fortune 500 companies, elite athletes, schools and communities.
Founder of the NGO Notschool.net, he chairs the BAFTA board and Global Learning Possibilities Plus.


Both spaces have three key features:

Scientifically proven physical and environmental characteristics to improve learning conditions

Zoning of spaces to adapt to different uses and methodologies

State-of-the-art technological equipment

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