UCJC is fully aware of the importance of creating a favourable environment and providing students with all the services they need to further their academic, social and cultural progress.

We want you to feel supported throughout your time with us at the Camilo José Cela University. This guide provides an overview of the wide range of services we offer – all aimed to help you get the most out of your university experience.

The Sports Department gives students the opportunity to play sport and take part in recreational activities. It organises tournaments and internal leagues, takes part in national university competitions, runs schools where diverse sporting skills can be learned and organises courses for which students get different qualifications. Find more in UCJC SPORTS CLUB.

The Centre advises on internships, job opportunities and professional careers for undergraduates and graduates of the university. It affords students the opportunity to get work experience in companies where they can put what they have learned in the lecture rooms into effect in real working situations. It also gives students advice on how to enter the labour market at the end of their university studies.

Its main purpose is to offer students advice on personal and academic matters to ensure their personal well-being and academic performance.

This programme, for all students coming up to the university for the first time, is designed to help them to adjust to and become fully integrated in university life. For a week before starting their courses, they are shown around the university campuses, to get to know the services available to them and meet their fellow students in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. There are also open-air activities. The overall objective of the week is that students should familiarise themselves with what the university has to offer.

Medical service: the University has a primary health care service for students. There is also a 24-hour service for those with healthcare insurance.

Student shop: students can buy stationary, textbooks, books and reading materials, souvenirs, sportswear, etc. at the shop, which also has a photocopying service.

All the University Library’s services are centralised in one building located on the Villafranca Campus. There are more than 23,000 books in its collection, as well as other collections in different formats. Moreover, access to and consultation of electronic resources on our database are permitted for study and research purposes.

All members of the university are fully entitled to use the library’s facilities, and may take advantage of any of its collections, resources and services as stipulated under the current regulations.

Collects and places non-book materials in various formats at the disposal of the users. It has viewing facilities for videotapes and DVDs and PCs to consult the electronic resources available on the Internet and CD-ROM. It also has a multimedia room.

Multimedia room
It offers 8 IT and scanner points. Access is by use of individual passwords.