Bachelor's Degree in Urban Management


Today, half the world’s population lives in cities. By 2030, over 70% of the world’s population will be urban, and will generate 80% of the wealth globally. This makes cities the true engine of the the global system.

This dizzying change is leading to new realities, such as collaborative economies, Big Data, electric vehicles, new infrastructure, changes in social relations and of course changes in the environment.

This immediate scenario requires professionals who are able to create, configure and lead the sustainable growth and development of cities.

The Bachelor’s Degree in Urban Management is ground-breaking in Spain and is spearheading the education of students with full command of the tools necessary to achieve digital management of the environment with a holistic view of cities to shape the Urban Agenda.



Official Bachelor's Degrees




3 years


Architecture, Design & Technology


180 ECTS

Bachelor's Degree in Urban Management

“An international degree to design world cities”


The Bachelor’s Degree in Urban Management gives you the chance to lead the development of cities for the future.
The syllabus includes the Urban Agenda, a new concept that adapts to the specific needs of cities since there is no single model.  This agenda details the development and sustainable development plans for cities aimed at improving the quality of life afforded to urban dwellers.
You will acquire the knowledge needed to tackle innovation in different professional fields. Change can only be led by professionals capable of innovating and developing new growth and management models.


An internationally recognised qualification.
The Bachelor’s Degree in Urban Management syllabus progressively incorporates English language over the first 3 years, for students to carry out their end-of-degree project in English and to be able to do a 3-month international on-the-job training posting.
In a global world, with different types of city, there is a vast possibilities for modernisation, bringing constant new job opportunities all over the world.


In an interconnected world, where any decision has consequences in other fields, it is essential to provide an interdisciplinary and transversal education. An education that bears in mind new learning methods in different fields of knowledge that influence the development of cities.


The Bachelor’s Degree in Urban Management is pioneering in Spain, as is its multidisciplinary syllabus including subjects from very different schools. The School of Architecture and Technology has set this syllabus for students to learn fundamentals of Law, Economics, Communications, Health and Education.

It will enable you to obtain international recognition through a joint international degree and is another fundamental factor in developing the international outlook of degree graduates.

The learning-by-doing method is applied to projects that ensure transversality and coworking, skills that are essential for today’s job market.

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THE HIVE® (La Colmena®)

We educate professionals capable of making their way in hybrid environments and of tackling complex work tasks.

Acquire knowledge beyond your specialisation and open your mind to the world and its possibilities.

Enhance your humanistic and enterprising spirit with skills related to interaction, solidarity, technology and languages.

Share classes with students from other degrees, in a totally multidisciplinary environment.

The best ideas stem from an understanding of the world, sport can be a vehicle for cooperation and digital technologies can be an essential tools for communication and teaching.

The Hive® (La Colmena®) programme is a fully developed syllabus for four-year degrees spaced out in 8 subjects.

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La Colmena

Abre tu mente al mundo y sus posibilidades

En paralelo al transcurso de tus estudios de Grado, completas tu formación con el programa La Colmena, desarrollando tu perfil a través de disciplinas necesarias en un mundo donde la flexibilidad y la transversalidad son cada vez más necesarias: Compromiso social, emprendimiento, tecnología, idioma moderno,  humanidades y salud y bienestar.

Un programa, que a través de la cercanía y la interacción entre profesores y alumnos de diferentes grados, favorece la existencia más allá de las aulas.

Desarrolla tu perfil a través de las disciplinas necesarias en un mundo donde la flexibilidad y la transversalidad son cada vez más necesarias


Practical sessions in the best facilities

A multimedia space fitted with all the resources and technology currently used in real-life workplaces for you to learn in a simulated environment from the first day. A creative factory to invent, enjoy and learn. We have the technology for you to practice your skills.

  • A TV studio with control room.
  • Networked multimedia rooms with the following software: Final Cut, Avid Media, Composer, Protools and the full Adobe Suite among others
  • Radio booths and mixing tables.
  • HD and 4k recording equipment
  • Photography kit

Bachelor's Degree in Urban Management


What skills are taught in this degree?

Students taking the Bachelor’s Degree in Urban Management are capable of tackling challenges and problems posed by city management from an multidiscipliary standpoint.

Graduates will be ready to successfully tackle the new reality.


Perfil Alumno

¿Te gusta el medio ambiente, la tecnología y las personas?
El ámbito de tu desarrollo es la ciudad y el Mundo

El grado culmina con la elaboración de un Proyecto Fin de Grado y la realización de prácticas profesionales en empresas líderes en innovación con una clara vocación internacional.
Con vocación para formarte en España y trabajar en cualquier lugar del mundo, con excelentes estancias internacionales.
En el que cada nuevo aprendizaje está relacionado con los anteriores.
Porque la tecnología es y será fundamental en el desarrollo de las grandes urbes.
Porque son múltiples campos los que intervienen en el desarrollo de las ciudades.
Porque tendrás la oportunidad de crear tu propia startup a partir de analizar y estudiar las necesidades de las ciudades.
En el que deberás trabajar en equipo desde el primer día, pues será fundamental la cooperación de profesionales de múltiples disciplinas en el día a día de las profesiones vinculadas con la Gestión Urbana.

Competencias y Habilidades

Este grado dota a los alumnos de diversas competencias y habilidades con las que afrontar con éxito la realidad:

  • Conocimientos de ciencias clásicas como geografía, antropología, historia o sociología enfocadas desde el punto de vista urbano y como red básica de conocimiento de la realidad que enfrentarán los alumnos.
  • Capacidades tecnológicas adecuadas a la realidad del diseño urbano, sabiendo combinar tanto las técnicas analógicas como las digitales, incluyendo herramientas de diseño urbano con las que llevar a la realidad cualquier idea o proyecto.
  • Capacidad analítica para enfrentar las estadísticas y el big data que genera cualquier ciudad y que son clave para entender las necesidades propias de cada ciudad e incluso de cada distrito.
  • Estudio y análisis de los diferentes marcos legales y normativos que afectan al Diseño y a la Gestión Urbana como aspectos fundamentales con los que tendrá que trabajar y convivir cualquier profesional de esta materia. Cualquier profesional de este área deberá tener conocimientos de legislación relativa a urbanismo, medio ambiente, transporte y movilidad…
  • Desarrollo de capacidades como el pensamiento crítico, creatividad, emprendimiento, gestión e innovación como habilidades fundamentales para ejercer una profesión abierta a múltiples salidas profesionales y en la que la imaginación será el único límite que encuentren los futuros graduados.


Take your place in the future of cities

Graduates will be ready to work as consultants for private companies and civil bodies, including innovation departments, in urban sustainability or energy efficiency for any type of organisation. Urban Management professionals are highly enterprising, developing their own business ideas.

This degree prepares students to lead the change in 2020:

  • Urban management and studies
  • Environmental management in cities and suburbs
  • Development, management and promotion of public spaces
  • Community sociology, management and mediation
  • Urban policies and public space management

  • City economic management
  • Geographic IT systems and urban data analysis
  • Urban investments and financial operations
  • Zoning and town planning
  • Teaching of urban management

Bachelor's Degree in Urban Management


Total credits: 240 / Basic 60 Mandatory 132  – Elective 30 Practical 12  – End-of-degree project 6


  • First semester
  • Second semester
  • Exam calendar

Introduction to Urban Management (In Spanish)6Basic
City Management: Urban Centers6Mandatory
Introduction to Urban Studies3Basic
Natural and Human Geography3Basic
Fundamentals of Mathematics (In Spanish)6Mandatory
IT Fundamentals (In Spanish)6Mandatory
Economics Fundamentals (In Spanish)6Basic
Statistics Fundamentals (In Spanish)6Basic
City Management: Urban6Mandatory
Fundamentals of Sociology (In Spanish)3Basic
Urban Philosophy and Thinking (In Spanish)3Mandatory
Geography IT Systems Technology 1 (In Spanish)6Mandatory
Total 60

Urban Policies3Basic
Zoning Instruments and Legal Frameworks (In Spanish)6Basic
City Management: Metropolitan Area6Mandatory
Anthropology and the City3Basic
History and the Theory of the City (In Spanish)6Mandatory
Programming Fundamentals6Mandatory
Public Administration and Governance (In Spanish)6Basic
City Management: Informal Settlements6Mandatory
Mobility and Transportation3Mandatory
Landscape and the City3Mandatory
City Environmental Management and Law (In Spanish)6Mandatory
Technology and Geographic Information Systems 26Mandatory
Total 60

Economic Analysis of Urban Planning6Mandatory
Design Thinking and Creativity Tools (In Spanish)6Mandatory
City Management: High Density6Mandatory
Creative City and Art3Mandatory
Urban Culture and  Social Commitment6Mandatory
Smart Data and the City3Mandatory
Academic recognition of credits6Mandatory
On-the-job training12External on-the-job training
End-of-year project12End-of-degree dissertation



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