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  • UCJC improves its position in the Shanghai Ranking in Sports Sciences

UCJC improves its position in the Shanghai Ranking in Sports Sciences

UCJC improves its position in the Shanghai Ranking in Sports Sciences

Camilo José Cela University moved up in the ranking of the world’s best universities degrees related to sports sciences in the prestigious Shanghai Ranking. UCJC offers the Degree in Physical Activity and Sports Sciences, in addition to different postgraduate and professional training related to this discipline.

María Perales, director of the Degree in Physical Activity and Sports Sciences at UCJC, said “This milestone is a great recognition for the department’s research work”. UCJC has gone from position 201 in the 2021 ranking to 151 in the 2022 ranking.

The Shanghai Ranking 2022 uses a methodology that highlights the performance of over 300 sports-related universities, and are ranked based on the number of papers, citations, or citations per paper.

The Degree in Physical Activity and Sports Sciences (CCAFYD) at Camilo José Cela University offers three hundred hours of internships from the first year and a teaching faculty that has won the National Prize for Research in Medicine of the Sport three times.

Facilities and programmes aimed at top-level athletes

Camilo Jose Cela University boasts the UCJC Sports Club  at its Villafranca Campus spanning an area of over 40,000 square meters dedicated to sports, with a gym, a heated swimming pool for competitions, a sports centre, a football pitch, eleven tennis courts and five padel tennis courts, a riding school with a competition arena and an indoor riding arena (the second largest in Spain). In addition, UCJC offers its students an Exercise Physiology and Sports Performance lab and a motor skills and biomechanics lab.

Also, the UCJC sports complex encompasses over 4,500 m² boasting a sports pavilion with handball and indoor football, basketball, volleyball and badminton courts. It also offers four multipurpose halls and two athletics tracks, where official competitions will be held.

UCJC also offers a unique programme aimed at professional athletes, the SEK International Sports Academy, which ensures student athletes can combine their academic studies and with elite sports training and competition.

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La UCJC ha organizado, como cada año, el Cross del Rector. Una jornada de deporte, diversión y solidaridad que reunió a 227 corredores de universidades madrileñas y aficionados al running en el Campus de Villafranca. También corrieron 40 niños de 7 a 12 años en el tradicional mini Cross. El circuito universitario, puntuable para el &hellip; <a href="https://www.ucjc.edu/en/blog/el-ranking-de-shanghai-mejora-la-posicion-de-la-ucjc-en-ciencias-del-deporte-2/">Continued</a>

29 January 24

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18 November 22

The Camilo José Cela University women’s swim team won gold medal at the 2022 Madrid University Swimming Championship, which has been held at the UCJC Sports Club, on the Villafranca Campus. With a total of 422 points, the students  Ariadna Daguerre Garrido, Yaiza Moreno Crespo, Beatriz Gómez Díaz, Larissa Ramos Peña, Julia Mangara and Lisa Gaubert  qualified for first place. More information about the classification &hellip; <a href="https://www.ucjc.edu/en/blog/el-ranking-de-shanghai-mejora-la-posicion-de-la-ucjc-en-ciencias-del-deporte-2/">Continued</a>

02 April 22

Camilo José Cela University and the Higher Sports Council (CSD), within the framework of the Athlete Care Programme (PROAD), have signed a collaboration agreement with which they will promote the incorporation of high-level athletes into the educational system during their degree and at the end of it. With this agreement, signed today at the CSD &hellip; <a href="https://www.ucjc.edu/en/blog/el-ranking-de-shanghai-mejora-la-posicion-de-la-ucjc-en-ciencias-del-deporte-2/">Continued</a>

16 February 22