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Bachelor’s Degree in Medicine Madrid

Degree in Medicine in Madrid. Study Medicine with the teaching experience and the enormous healthcare network of HM Hospitales Group.

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Duration and characteristics

The Bachelor’s Degree in Medicine of the HM Hospitales School of Health Sciences at UCJC prepares you to practice a profession as exciting and necessary as medicine.

The syllabus has a clear clinical focus from the first years, with an integrative programme and an active faculty with extensive teaching experience. By working in hospitals from the beginning, you will have the first contact with all the professionals that make up hospital life. You will be given the opportunity to have real-life work experience with internships from the start of your degree at the HM Hospitales healthcare network –which boasts over 2,000 beds–, and you will have complementary digital resources and a one-of-a-kind tutoring system in Spain, thanks to the agreement with CTO.

For the 24/25 academic year, the headquarters of the HM Montepríncipe University Hospital will see the construction of a new 6,000 square metre teaching pavilion designed to house teaching and translational research laboratories. This facility will host bachelor’s degrees in medicine and nursing, as well as master’s degrees, and will have various laboratories and advanced care simulation centres that include the latest technologies.

Duración Duration: 6 years
Duración Start: September 2024
Duración 360 ECTS credits
Duración In person
Duración Spanish
Duración Villafranca Campus - HM Hospitales School of Health Sciences Montepríncipe
130 years
of innovation and academic rigour
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What sets us apart
Why study the degree with us

Camilo José Cela University and Grupo HM Hospitales have decided to combine their extensive knowledge and long-standing experience in an innovative university training project with the creation of the HM Faculty of Health Sciences at UCJC.

With the emergence of this new school, all the HM Hospitales Group hospitals are partnered with Camilo José Cela University, thus constituting the largest network of university hospitals in Spain. A pioneering project that incorporates the hospital as a fundamental axis and backbone of the learning process of our future healthcare professionals.

At the UCJC we have the most innovative equipment and facilities in the sector. Anatomage Table is the only 3D human anatomy table that allows you to delve into the major systems of the human body.

The research laboratories building at the Villafranca Campus consists of three floors, spanning approximately 2500 square metres and housing the practical labs of the different degrees offered by the UCJC HM School of Health Sciences.

An innovative learning model

At UCJC we help you develop the competencies and skills that will drive your success and your contribution to the future.

The Learning by Doing approach transforms education by providing students with hands-on, real-world experiences. Through specific projects and activities, they develop practical skills, stimulate their creativity and prepare for the world of work. It is an approach that promotes active and meaningful learning.

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Details of the degree
Discover in depth what the UCJC Degree in Medicine is like and how it will transform you.

A single Hospital Group as a fundamental axis for the training of future physicians.

The teaching experience accumulated by the HM Hospitales group, its extensive healthcare network and its clinical professors lead the teaching project of the Degree in Medicine.


Get to know in detail what you will learn year by year

Subjects per year

More information

Total credits: 360 ECTS
Basic Training (B): 90 ECTS
Mandatory (M): 204 ECTS
Electives (EL): 6 ECTS
External Internships (EI): 54 ECTS
Final Degree Project (TFG): 6 ECTS

Your experience
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Teaching and admin staff

UCJC reserves the right to modify the established conditions described above due to any circumstances not foreseen at the time of formalising the registration / enrolment of the student, maintaining in any case the essential conditions of the same. Likewise, stays in the countries indicated are subject to possible variations, always seeking the best for the curricular and experiential development of the student.

Teaching faculty and guest lecturers

Get to know our highly qualified teaching faculty
Dr. José Barberán López

Dr. José Barberán López

Decano de Facultad de Ciencias de la Salud de la UCJC. Profesor Titular de Medicina. Jefe de Medicina Interna HM Monteprincipe.
Dr. Emilio de Vicente López

Dr. Emilio de Vicente López

Profesor Titular de Cirugía General. Jefe de Servicio de Cirugía General HM Sanchinarro.
Dr. Antonio Cubillo Gracián

Dr. Antonio Cubillo Gracián

Profesor Acreditado en Oncología. Jefe del Centro Integral Oncológico Clara Campal. HM CIOCC.
Dr. José Obeso

Dr. José Obeso

Catedrático de Neurología. Director del Centro Integral de Neurociencias HM hospitales. HM CINAC.
Dr. Jesús Almendral

Dr. Jesús Almendral

Director del Centro Integral de Enfermedades Cardiovasculares.
Dra. Paloma García de la Peña

Dra. Paloma García de la Peña

Directora del Grado en Medicina de la Facultad HM de Ciencias de la Salud de la UCJC y Dra. especialista en reumatología.
Dra. María Gaibar Alonso

Dra. María Gaibar Alonso

Dra. en Biomedicina y CC de la Salud. Investigadora enfocada en la farmacogenética e inmunoterapia del cáncer, y a la variabilidad genética humana. Profesora acreditada por la ANECA.
Dr. Víctor Mayoral Varo

Dr. Víctor Mayoral Varo

Profesor y coordinador de Bioquímica. Dr. en Biociencias Moleculares. Dr. vinculado al Instituto de Investigaciones Biomédicas Sols-Morreale.
Internships and Employability
Apply your learning to the real world through internships from the first year onwards
You will do your internships in hospitals of the HM Hospitales group and in Madrid Regional GP surgeries ...
Live academic, cultural and personal experiences in Europe.

You will be able to broaden your knowledge and live authentic academic, cultural and personal experiences in different countries in Europe, America, Japan, India and Africa.

In addition, you will have the opportunity to complete your studies at prestigious universities around the world through Erasmus and/or bilateral agreements.

Fees and financial aid

Check the price of your studies and the grants you can get to study at UCJC.

Whether you are a new student or if you are going to take your second or subsequent years, you can check the price of the degree

UCJC annually announces undergraduate and graduate scholarships. Check all the financial aid and financing possibilities we have available for our students.


To begin the admission process, you must follow a series of steps detailed below:
Admission Test (Presential)

Students will be admitted on the basis of their academic record,

... Read more
Documentation for admission

You will be able to upload and check the status of your file.

... Read more
Admission tests

Once you have signed up, you will receive a confirmation email.

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Validations and mobility between study plans

At UCJC we value learning above all else.

If your studies do not suit you and you want to change to another degree, if you come from another university or if you have a degree and want to continue your academic training, you can count on our help and advice throughout the process.

Academic Portal

Obtain detailed information on the management and academic results of the degree programs

Through this portal you will be able to access documents, regulations and administrative procedures, such as the documentation on monitoring and renewal processes in the accreditation of the degree.

Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the questions our students ask themselves.

Why study medicine?

Studying medicine allows you to help others, discover new ways to improve health and develop a well-known and respected career.

How many years does a medical degree take?

The UCJC Medical Degree has a duration of 6 years.

What subjects are studied in medicine?

Some of the subjects of the medical degree are anatomy, physiology, psychology and pharmacology.

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