Camilo José Cela University will offer the Degree in Pharmacy next year

UCJC has been certified by Fundación para el Conocimiento Madrid for the  UCJC HM Hospitales School of Health Sciences to teach the Degree in Pharmacy  as of next academic year 2023-2024, with the main objective of training specialists in all aspects related to pharmacy, medicines and other health products, and enabling them to work as qualified pharmacists.

This new degree in Pharmacy is added to our Degree in Medicine and soon to our degree in  Biomedicine that will soon also be certified, in addition to seven degrees that we already offer at Camilo José Cela University: Nursingphysiotherapypsychologyphysical activity and sport sciencesdentistryhuman nutrition and dietetics and the degree in computer engineering biomedicine is taught jointly with the UCJC Faculty of Technology and Science. In addition, it will offer sixteen official postgraduate master’s degrees and another eight of its own postgraduate master’s degrees.

The strategic alliance between UCJC and HM Hospitales began in 2021 and in 2022 it came to fruition with the launch of the UCJC HM Hospitales School of Health Sciences. The school stands out because it trains the health workers of the future in a hospital setting from day one and, therefore, is patient-focused, fully immersed in today’s technological and digital revolution. Therefore, our students on the new degree in Pharmacy and will be trained to respond to the health needs that our society currently demands.

The UCJC HM Hospitales School of Health Sciences responds to the new professional and care needs of the health sector that are determined by continuous scientific and technological progress. This partnership with HM Hospitales has led to the creation of the largest network of university hospitals in Spain.

The UCJC HM Hospitales School of Health Sciences courses will be taught at the UCJC campus in Villafranca, in Villanueva de la Cañada, and at the HM Montepríncipe University Hospital, including the Group’s university hospitals.