UCJC presents the Tutor Awards to the companies in which its students carry out their professional internships

Camilo José Cela University held the 7th edition of the Tutor Awards, organised by the UCJC’s Department of Professional Careers. These awards are given to tutors working with UCJC students at collaborating organisations, companies and administrations  during their internships.

The awards ceremony included a panel discussion that discussed the changing current situation of university professional practices and how it affects universities, students and companies. Fernando Vizcaíno, partner in the labour area of Écija Abogados, and Carmen Palomino, Chief Operating Officer at Fundación Universidad-Empresa took part on this panel.

“Right now, there is a changing environment in terms of internship regulations, and we also want to contribute to and recognise the entities that collaborate with us,” said Cristina Torres, Director of Professional Careers at Camilo José Cela University.

In this edition prizes were awarded in the following categories:

  • Health Tutor Awards: Fundación Renal Íñigo Álvarez de Toledo
  • Communication Tutor Awards NTN24 RCN Televisión
  • Humanities and Social Sciences Tutor Award: Estudio Jurídico Almagro S.L.P.
  • Education Tutor Awards: Learning and Educational Innovation Directorate of the Lifelong Learning and Teacher Training Service of the Basque Government
  • Technology and Science Tutor Awards: Banco Santander

Next came the handing out of the Extraordinary Awards, which highlighted the different singularities in collaboration between companies and the UCJC:

  • “Trajectory-Insertion” Award to collaborating entities that stand out for their continuity and long tradition in tutoring students and that make efforts to turn internships into professional opportunities: ‘Momos’ Child Comprehensive Therapy Centre.
  • “Social Commitment” Award for collaborating entities that acquire a high degree of commitment and involvement in the tutoring of students with functional diversity: Howden Iberia S.A.U.
  • “International” Award to collaborating entities that favour international mobility in internships: STEF IBERIA, S.A.U.
  • “Projects” Award to the collaborating entities that propose real cases or projects, whose objective is for students to add value and solutions to specific company challenges and, in turn, to develop curricular skills: Scenikus Global Marketplace S.L.
  • “Centre for Professional Studies” Award to companies or institutions that have collaborated in the completion of the TWC subject (Training in Work Centres) for the students in Higher Vocational Training: WAIRBUT S.A.

These work experience schemes offer the possibility of introducing students to the job market and putting into practice the knowledge acquired during their studies and, in this way, getting to know different professions first-hand. The companies, for their part, can train students in specific areas of their activity, giving the possibility of starting a professional career systematically organised from the beginning.