Camilo José Cela University organises the Global Education Forum in South Asia

Camilo José Cela University (UCJC) has broadened and continued with its discussion on the future of higher education alongside Garden City University (GCU), in Bangalore, India, in the Global Education Forum South Asia Summit 2022 (GEF-SAC) from a South Asian perspective: “How should a third millennium university reinvent itself to respond to the new needs of society?”

GCU hosted the South Asian chapter of the GEF to bring its 12-point manifesto to the universities of this region. The twelve points of its manifesto show the trends and challenges that universities around the world face to maintain or enhance their leadership position, grow and undergo constant evolution, from the four specific areas of entrepreneurship, well-being, social commitment and digitalization. To this end, specific discussion sessions were organised for each of these areas.

Nieves Segovia, president of SEK Education Group, to which UCJC belongs, welcomed the Global Education Forum South Asia Summit 2022 , an event in a hybrid format that featured dozens of experts who discussed the necessary momentum and urgent transformation of the university system, more specifically, in the South Asian region.

“Hosting this summit is an honour for us at Garden City University. The discussion about the future of higher education is vital so that we can improve and innovate as educational institutions. Bringing expertise to the same platform from industry, academia, and government is a powerful process. We are honoured to be part of the Global Education Forum movement” said Christo Joseph, Director of Strategy and Planning at Garden City University and organiser of GEF – South Asia Summit 2022.

The third edition of Global Education Forum, held in Madrid in October 2021, brought together around 100 vice chancellors and deputy vice chancellors from universities, students, professors, businessmen and various professionals from the educational field to discuss what the future of higher education should be.

The purpose of the Global Education Forum movement is to create an international community of innovators that continuously promotes this debate on the necessary transformation of the university system.