UCJC celebrates its 2022 Graduation Ceremony

Camilo José Cela University held its graduation ceremony for undergraduate, postgraduate and vocational training students for 2021/22. Around three thousand guests, including students and family members, attended the event to celebrate the end of university for the students of the class of 2022.

The ceremony, led by the delegation of doctors from Camilo José Cela University, featured the background voice of the Ukrainian soprano Tatiana Melnychenko, accompanied on piano by Mendmaa Dorzhin, who performed the traditional Veni, Creator Spiritus.

Nieves Segovia, president of SEK Education Group, delivered the opening speech welcoming all the students present at the UCJC Villafranca Campus. “The two years that we have lived through the pandemic probably equals ten, at least in terms of disruption, adaptability and flexibility. You have all been exemplary in your adaptation to change, in your willingness to overcome the adversities imposed by health restrictions.

Likewise, the president invited the graduates to continue being part of the university community throughout their lives, since “I hope that your educational experience at UCJC does not end today, that we know how to always be good travel companions personally and professionally”, and explained the purpose of the Project 2025 “a collaborative exercise that allows us to define our new role and our new responsibilities to accompany you throughout your life, that allows us to meet you wherever you are to take you wherever you want to go”.

Alberto Durán, sponsor of the UCJC class of 2022

Alberto Duran, First Vice President of Institutional Coordination, Solidarity and External Relations of the General Council of ONCE, congratulated all the students for their academic achievement.

In his speech, Durán addressed the graduates to give them eleven pieces of advice for their future. “I wish you luck, the best of luck. But luck must be pursued, in life you have to earn it” and reminded them of the importance of taking care of themselves “inside and out” because “the disability of the future is mental disability. Take care of yourselves, because no one is free from this.”

This was followed by a presentation from all students graduating from each of the degrees for undergraduate, postgraduate or vocational training studies.

Subsequently, the extraordinary Camilo José Cela University Talent Awards were awarded to the most outstanding undergraduate, postgraduate and vocational training students. In addition, Maria Rico Fernandez, student on the Joint Degree in Teaching in Early Childhood and Primary Education, said that “all of us have a hidden talent, we all have something in which we stand out, we all aspire to what we call dreams, and that I am sure we will accomplish. I wish you to find your strength and fight for your dreams.”

What do you want to change?

Emilio Lora-Tamayo, rector of Camilo José Cela University, closed the Graduation Ceremony with a speech in which he underlined that “now a new path is opening, a future for which you have provided yourself with the necessary knowledge, skills and abilities that you have learnt over these years and that will allow you to adapt to future environments, circumstances and opportunities”.

The rector recalled that the innovative and interdisciplinary learning methods that the graduates have enjoyed in these years “have been different, and that is undoubtedly an advantage. Do not forget that knowledge is only useful when it circulates, when it is interconnected, when it goes beyond the walls of our office, library or laboratory and has a real social impact”.

“Precisely the disruptive and accelerated changes that we are facing, together with those new professional responsibilities that await you, cannot make us forget that you also have to learn to be happy and that this essential purpose of life also requires learning. Access to knowledge, dear students, must be linked to joy”.