Ramón y Cajal, Ciencia y Arte exhibition at Camilo José Cela University

Camilo José Cela University is hosting the ‘Ramón y Cajal, Ciencia y Arte’ Exhibition at its Almagro Campus, in Madrid, until 31 July. The exhibition, featuring the collection of the Cajal-CSIC Institute, includes, among other materials made by the Nobel Prize winner himself, facsimiles of scientific drawings, photographs of histological preparations, biographical and scientific books and essays, dedicated portraits and dedicated philatelic and numismatic material. The exhibition is presided over by the reproduction of the portrait of Santiago Ramón y Cajal, by Joaquín Sorolla.

Santiago Ramón y Cajal (1852-1934) is recognised as one of the founders of modern neuroscience and, due to the volume, relevance and importance of his work, this is one of the most complete exhibitions ever made of his work. But much more unknown are the other aspects of his life, including the artistic aspects, as he was also an outstanding and accomplished artist in his own right. This exhibition aims to combine both facets, recognise Cajal’s excellent scientific and artistic career, and foster the values that allowed him to become a leading scientific figure worldwide.

The exhibition, curated by Rosario Moratalla, deputy director of the Cajal-CSIC Institute, and by Francisco López-Muñoz, vice-rector for Research, Science and Doctorates at Camilo José Cela University, also includes the panel discussion entitled ‘Cajal científico, Cajal artista, Cajal humanista y político’. Coordinated by López-Muñoz, it will be held on 21 June 2022, at 19:00, in the Assembly Hall of the UCJC Almagro Campus.

Cajal’s work has been a real revolution in the field of neuroscience. Thanks to his work, the Biological Research Laboratory was founded in Madrid (1900) and, in 1920, the Cajal Institute was established to honour the memory of its founder.