The students on the Expert Course in Social and Job Skills begin their external internships

The students on the Expert Course in Social and Job Skills for people with learning disabilities  will begin their external internship period for the 2021/22 academic year, and have had the opportunity to meet the professionals who will accompany them in their learning during this stage that will run from 25 April to 27 May.

The Altavista Foundation and Camilo José Cela University, through the Teaching Coordination team of the degree, will collaborate in the execution, management and development of the external internships in important entities such as Howden Iberia, S.A.U.t, the IVI Assisted Reproduction clinic, Umiles, the General Staff of the Navy and Dédalo Motor-Mazda.

Students will have a job coach who will support them in the process and accompany them in the tasks entrusted to them, with the aim of promoting their autonomy in real-life working environments.

Presenting their experiences on the internship as a final project

At the end of these external internships, students present their experience in the different companies and organisations as part of their end of course project.

Students presented their resume to managers from various companies and showcased, in Spanish and English, their potential, their personal brand and the skills acquired in communication and technological skills. The objective was to present themselves known as candidates likely to be hired by the companies invited to be members of the panel of judges.