SEK Lab EdTech Accelerator selects the ten educational startups that it will promote in its 7th edition

SEK Lab EdTech Accelerator, the first education vertical accelerator promoted by the SEK Education Group, has selected the ten Spanish startups that it will accelerate in its seventh edition. Over 80 Edtech startups from 26 countries submitted their application to participate in the SEK Lab acceleration scheme. Only 15 of them were shortlisted from Spain and 10 from abroad.

At the SEK Lab Awards, the finalist startups defended their project before the panel of judges, which chose the ten that it considered most innovative, with a solid business model, attractive for investment, scalable and with social impact.

The winners of this edition were:

  • BALIO FINTECH. Platform that offers people greater freedom by increasing their knowledge about money with practical and sexy online training with the best professionals, always in community.
  • CONSTRUYENDO FÚTBOL. E-Learning platform specialised in football. Training given by the most successful professionals on the international scene in a 100% online and 100% audiovisual format.
  • CRESORY. Digital solution to teach finance to children while playing.
  • FISIOCAMPUS. Startup in the Edtech sector that seeks to democratise access to quality e-health training.
  • KHARTY. Startup that supports teaching and learning through an interactive image-based games platform.
  • MAGISTRAL. The Duolingo of soft skills, interactive (recorded) classes in leadership, public speaking, team management, sales and persuasion taught by professional trainers.
  • RIMUD. Startup that proposes the transformation of speech therapy to the 21st century.
  • STUDENTFY. Service aggregator for higher education students, which serves educational institutions as a tool to facilitate the integration of their students and helps to generate a feeling of community.
  • UNIGOW. Platform that helps students find their academic path based on the experience of other students.
  • YNSAT. Startup that brings the latest satellite technology to classrooms in a gamified way, so that students learn STEM while experiencing and discovering their environment with real data.

In addition to startups pitching their ideas, a panel discussion was held, sponsored by AWS EdStart, with the founders of some of the most prominent startups in the EdTech sector,  Odilo,  Genially,  Smowltech and Zapiens.

SEK Lab EdTech Accelerator, based in Spain and operating internationally, was born over six years ago, and over this time it has helped accelerate over 60 Edtech startups from around the world over the seed, early and growth phases with a dedicated fulltime team and helping products reach the market. SEK Lab especially values those technology-based projects with social impact.