Matías Prats, SEK alumnus, wins the Camilo José Cela ‘Fundación Independiente’ Journalism Award

Matías Pratsjournalist and SEK alumnus, has been awarded the 2021 Camilo José Cela ‘Fundación Independiente’ Journalism Award, which has been awarded by this institution since 1997. The award, presented at the UCJC Almagro Campus, advocates for the importance of the journalistic profession. The award goes to Matías Prats for his “long professional career and commitment to civil society”, as highlighted Aldo Olcese, president of the Fundación Independiente.

In his speech, Matías recalled his childhood and youth at SEK Education Group –he studied at SEK-Arturo Soria–: “Felipe Segovia was a man before his time, he had a completely different teaching method” and he listed different anecdotes from his time at school. “I will always remember my time at Kotska fondly”.

In his speech he gave thanks for having good fortune “that has accompanied me throughout my life” and also his father, Matías Prats Cañete. “Being the son of Matías Prats in those years was not a burden, it was badge of honour. It opened many doors for me, and one day he told me “you have to study something formal, Law”, but I liked the look for what he did, he was very active. My father gave me the best principles, honesty, simplicity, humility, making things easy and close, and that has been my way over the years”.

Matías Prats sent a message to professional journalists. “We have to tell the truth, we have to fight against fake news. Because a lie poisons, as it has never poisoned society, through social media”, and he concluded by stating that “that Matías who appeared for the first time with Victoria Prego, I give you my word, is still the same man”.

The award was presented by Alejandro Dueñas, director of the weekend edition of Antena 3 Noticias. “Matías’s style is a mixture of the correct and rich use of the Spanish language, a great deal of prudence, forcefulness, and a point of view very dependent on the Spanish sociological reality, that of the majority of the people, forgetting the extremes. Matías Prats has an overwhelming personality as a communicator”.

Nieves Segovia, president of SEK Education Group, stressed that “SEK Education Group, the Fundación Independiente and the journalistic profession are united in a common commitment, the defence of the freedom of civil society from our respective spheres, convinced that only it can be the engine of change and progress to advance in its development”.

The award has been received in the past by professionals such as Amando de Miguel, José Antonio Jáuregui, Carlos Alberto Montaner, Carlos Sentís, Juan Manuel de Prada, Vicente Carrión, Fernando Savater, José Antich, Casimiro García-Abadillo, José Antonio Marina, Montserrat Domínguez, Carlos Herrera, Ángel Exposito, Carmen Posadas, Luis del Olmo, Victoria Prego, José María Carrascal, Albert Boadella, Celeste López, Jesús Martínez de Rioja, Manuel Campo Vidal and Carlos Alsina, Pedro J. Ramírez or Ana Rosa Quintana.