New scholarships from Camilo José Cela University

Camilo José Cela University aims to recognise the talent of its students from the School of Education and contribute to them joining the job market. Therefore, it has created two new scholarships that recognise effort and academic merit of its students, the ‘Carmen Olmo Mancebo’ Scholarship to University Merit and the Felipe Segovia Martínez University Merit Scholarship.

The former is aimed at final year students on the Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Education, and the latter for final year students on the Master’s Degree in Primary Education,. In order to award the scholarship students’ academic record and participation in the UCJC Transversal Competences Model such as The Hive (La Colmena), the Felipe Segovia Symposium and other activities are considered.

Beneficiaries will also be offered a one-year teaching contract at SEK International Schools in Spain. These scholarships will be awarded by the School of Education on June 30, 2022.

SEK Education Group supports those students with the brightest academic records in order to develop and value effort, overcoming adversity and community action. The two new scholarships are in addition to those already offered by the Felipe Segovia Foundation: SEK Excellence scholarships; SEK high performance sports scholarships; SEK International Sports Academy scholarships, SEK María de Villota scholarships for personal effort and the Felipe Segovia Award to the top SEK student.

The teachers Ms Carmen Olmo Mancebo and Mr Felipe Segovia Martínez took on the leadership of the San Estanislao de Kostka Schools in Madrid in 1935 and laid the foundations of SEK Education Group, its mission and its values. The award of these scholarships is a tribute to their teaching legacy and to their immense work in favour of the improvement of education in Spain in the difficult years of the Civil War, the postwar period and until the 70s.