Camilo José Cela University hosts the 2nd Symposium of the Mobility Observatory

EL ESPAÑOL and Invertia organised the 2nd Symposium of the Mobility Observatory at the UCJC Almagro Campus. Taking part in this inauguration were Emilio Lora-Tamayo, rector of UCJC; Pedro J. Ramirez, executive president and editor-in-chief at EL ESPAÑOL and Rachel Sanchez, Minister of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda. Also attending the event were Adina Vălean, Commissioner of Transport; José Luis Martínez-Almeida, Mayor of Madrid; Isabel Pardo de Vera, Secretary of State for Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda; David Perez, Minister of Transport of the Madrid Region and Pere Navarro, General Director of Traffic.

“Fortunately, following years in which individualism has been predominant and after seeing our weaknesses as a collective, a new model of a more collaborative society is coming to the fore to create, undertake and defend the ecosystem. And universities continue to be a privileged laboratory in this paradigm shift”, underlined Lora-Tamayo.

Furthermore, Pedro J Ramirez explained that “a year ago we were clear that the Government’s Recovery Plan would have as a transversal axis that sustainable mobility” and that “talking about mobility in 2020 after lifting lockdown was not an oxymoron, rather a chimera”, and he recalled that “a year later, public/private collaboration, the union of politics, science and industry have shown that we are going to beat the pandemic. The key lies in the very high vaccination rate, the result of the Spanish confidence in scientific knowledge. In fact, Spain is today the country with the lowest infection rate in the European Union”.

Rachel Sanchez, Minister of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda, said that “it is not just a debate, but a conversation about the cities we need”, and “cities are the engine that move the world, since more than half the population lives in them, and that trend is growing.”

On the other hand, she announced the creation a rent arrears social insurance for young people financed by the State. As she explained “it will not exceed 5% of annual income.”

The minister also said that the government was working to prevent the lorry drivers strike called for December, “we are going to do everything possible to help,” she stressed. She also did not confirm what would be the mechanism for motorway use payment, but she stressed that “it is necessary to open the debate and the system that is put in place must have the social and political consensus of the agents involved.”