UCJC presents its innovative educational experiences in the VII Felipe Segovia Symposium

The 7th Felipe Segovia Symposium has brought together over 1,000 professors and 115 students from SEK International Schools –located in Spain, France, Ireland, Qatar and Saudi Arabia– and from Camilo José Cela University to share some of the most innovative educational experiences from their classrooms over the past year.

This experience laboratory, in addition to being a meeting point for education professionals, students and families from different geographies and educational stages, has enabled reflection and discussion on over 100 initiatives and, as a result of the debate, collaboratively defined new lines of work for the academic year.

“One of the objectives we are pursuing today is to combine the SEK Profile and the UCJC Profile” stated the president of SEK Education Group, Nieves Segovia, during her speech at the opening of this meeting “which not only applies to students, but also to teachers and the entire educational community”.

In her speech, she alluded to the three points of reference that direct the methodologies and projects that are currently being developed at SEK Education Group. “Our inspiration, my father Felipe Segovia, who also gives the name to this Symposium, was a visionary in education.” In addition to the figure of the founder of the educational group, she affirmed that “another of the compass needles that guides us is our SEK Ethos, something that has served as the keystone of our educational model for over 50 years.” Thirdly, she alluded to the ‘UCJC Manifesto’, recently presented at the Global Education Forum (GEF). “It sums up of body of educational evidence from the past 20 months and it is the consequence of the Think-Action Tank that began to reflect on the future of universities and higher education. This manifesto is the scaffolding of our structures and learning models”.

In conversation with the president, Stephen Heppell, director of the Felipe Segovia Chair for Learning Innovation at Camilo José Cela University, reflected on the insights and takeaways from the pandemic and lockdown, and also spoke about opportunities for education. “We are in the midst of a crisis that affects many areas. If you ask me about what we should influence, without a doubt, we must prepare children so that they can face uncertainty”.

“Learning must take place not only in schools, but also in families, and the pandemic highlighted how interconnected all spaces are that we have the opportunity to educate”, affirmed the expert in educational innovation. “We have evidence that the students have been learning in depth during lockdown, and they have also done it together, because they were connected” and he warned that “although opportunities open up, we cannot forget that there are also gaps, and that more than two billion children continue to have problems accessing education in schools”.

Regarding the organisation of this Symposium, he highlighted the importance of this type of professional meeting, since “not only children learn, but also teachers, families, all people of any age. We have to teach people that learning can be wonderful.’

Teaching innovations for the development of competencies

During the 7th Felipe Segovia Symposium, over one hundred projects related to the development of skills across different school stages and at the university over the past year have been exhibited.

The projects presented focus on promoting the following competencies in students: global citizenship; social innovation; community action; ethics; communication; debate; entrepreneurship; STEM; leadership experience; physical and emotional wellbeing; digitization; collaborative work; environmental awareness; sustainability; critical thinking; inquiry; focus on solutions; artistic and cultural engagement or humanistic, relational and organisational transformation.

The Symposium was an opportunity for collaborative reflection to motivate SEK Education Group teachers to continue innovating in their classrooms for the benefit of their students’ education. The initiatives that emerged from this day will be collected in the “playbook”, which is shared as a compilation of good practices with the entire SEK and UCJC teaching community.

Following the 7th Felipe Segovia Symposium, SEK Day was held, an event in which SEK Education Group presents the awards for the best educational practices and also pays tribute to its teachers and professionals.