UCJC participates in the report on good teaching practices during COVID-19

Camilo José Cela University has taken part in the preparation of the report on good teaching practices during COVID-19 (bachelor’s and master’s degrees), which will be officially presented on Thursday, 28 October 2021 at the Residencia de Estudiantes in Madrid.

The report was promoted by the Fundación para el conocimiento Madri+d and Presentación Caballero, UCJC School of Education’s professor, took part as an expert in education and quality management.

The general purpose of the report, according to the Foundation itself, is “tomake available to those interested a current and prospective analysis on the adaptations planned and carried out by Madrid universities in the period of COVID-19. We want to enable a space for joint reflection between the different educational agents and universities in order to draw conclusions that improve future teaching, when normality returns”.

UCJC interviewed deans, coordinators, professors and undergraduate and master’s students (in which all areas of knowledge were represented) who shared their experience and good practices in all the university’s faculties. In turn, the School of Education also interviewed the same stakeholder groups at other universities (public and private).

The report analyses how Madrid universities adapted to COVID in their theoretical classes, practicals, external practicals, assessment systems and how universities gave support with all their resources to ensure everything went well. The final objective was to know what had happened, the limitations that existed and, above all, the good practices of the time that will help to continue advancing towards a higher quality university in the immediate present and for the future.