Camilo José Cela University and HM Hospitales Partner for a Pioneering University Project in Health Sciences

Camilo José Cela University (UCJC) and HM Hospitales have today signed a collaboration agreement to launch an innovative university training project in the area of Health Sciences. This pioneering project was born from the firm conviction of both partners on the need to evolve and further the training and transfer of knowledge of future healthcare professionals, including hospitals as a fundamental axis and cornerstone of their learning.

With this partnership HM Hospitales and Camilo José Cela University include in students’ learning experience the perspective of the healthcare centres and clinics that will welcome them as professionals in the future, bolstering the practical and multidisciplinary skills that students will need to develop in different professional areas.

“With this alliance we want to respond to the new professional and healthcare needs of the health sector, needs that are largely determined by the continuous scientific and technological advances in the field of health sciences, meaning that it is essential for future professionals to come into direct contact with the practical reality of hospitals from day one of their training”, said Juan Abarca Cidón, president of HM Hospitales at the signing of the agreement. ”

The joint knowledge and experience of Camilo José Cela University and HM Hospitales “allows us to offer a unique and future-looking university project that has the culture of patient care embedded in its DNA. A project that combines the most innovative active teaching methodologies that bolster and support face-to-face teaching with virtual elements, enriching teacher-student interactions, with state-of-the-art university campuses integrated and with the hospitals themselves and boasting the most advanced technology”, pointed out Emilio Lora-Tamayo, rector of UCJC.

The university project will launch in the 2022-2023 academic year and includes undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral studies with a teaching team made up of practising professionals who are engaged in ongoing scientific research and who will teach from their practical and research experience promoting students’ active participation in their own learning.

The joint project lead by HM Hospitales and Camilo José Cela University is a new way of understanding the transmission of knowledge to future health sciences professionals in which teaching, patient care and ongoing research and education with an international vision and a critical and entrepreneurial spirit will be part of students’ experience from the first day.