Second GEF micro-event: wellbeing, health and sustainable development, the three major challenges for the future of higher education

Following the first micro-event on the challenges faced by educational institutions in order to  become entrepreneurial and innovative learning ecosystems, featuring participation from Marina Kim, co-founder of AshokaU, and David Martín, director of Entrepreneurship, Competencies and Social Commitment at Camilo José Cela University, UCJC hosted the second micro-event part of the ramp up to the Global Education Forum 3rd Act (GEF).

This second micro-event analysed the importance of wellbeing, with leaders in sustainability and wellbeing at international companies discussing these three axes that will be decisive in global development and, therefore, key to the future of higher education.

The event featured three panel discussions in which Manuel Butler Halter, Tourism Minister at the Spanish Tourism Office in London; Daniel Trurán, BCorp ambassador; Vicente Gil, director of Health Surveillance of Grupo Santalucía; James Barrio, director of the Master’s in School Health at Camilo José Cela University; Ángela Baldellou, CEO 2030 of the Observatory of the Spanish Institute of Architects; and Marian De la Morena, director of the BeWell Center of Camilo José Cela University.

Promoting the debate on the transformation of higher education

Camilo José Cela University has initiated the countdown to the start of the Global Education Forum 3rd Act (GEF), an event in which the UCJC has a clear objective, to create an international community of innovators to give momentum to the debate on the urgent transformation of higher education. The event will be held between 13 to 15 October with the participation of over twenty universities from the five continents and UCJC students and faculty.

In order to prepare this international forum, and to outline some of the most important topics that will be tackled, Camilo José Cela University will host several micro-events on entrepreneurship, wellbeing, social impact and digitization over the coming two weeks in which experts from the UCJC itself will converse with prominent personalities from the business, technological and, above all, education.