Nieves Segovia gives the opening speech at the Talloires Network Leadership 2021 conference

Nieves Segovia, president of SEK Education Group, participated, remotely, in the opening session of the Talloires Network Leadership 2021 conference, jointly organised by Harvard University and Tufts University.

During her speech, Segovia recalled her experience with the Talloires network and the projects and activities in which the Camilo José Cela University has taken part in recent years together with the other Talloires members, among which the ‘Communities Of Virtual Alliance & Inter-Dependence ‘(COV-AID), “a program that included a series of webinars entitled Adapting to the New Reality: Civically Engaged Universities Offer Strategies and Hope, which allowed universities around the world connect with other members and share their experiences in extremely challenging times.’

Segovia recalled that “COV-AID also included grants and scholarships for students who creatively adapted their community participation work to step up and help us all.”

Nieves Segovia also pointed out that Camilo José Cela University is also represented by Khan Alkozee’s in the Next Generation Leaders Programme. “Khan, who is now earning a joint degree in Law and Criminology from UCJC, was born in Afghanistan but had to flee his country. Four years ago, he joined our refugee student program. I believe that Khan represents a generation that has not lost hope and that will not allow us to lose it. As he himself indicates in his own words, the only way to fight against war and terrorism is through ethics and education”, she said.

Students also had pride of place in the SEK Group president’s speech: “The COVID-19 pandemic has placed higher education institutions at a tipping point that calls us to action if we want to lead a renewed and better future. And as we make decisions about what course to take, students, and their voices, must be heard. “

Segovia took the opportunity to summon the audience to the Global Education Forum, which will be held from 13 to 15 October at the Almagro Campus of Camilo José Cela University: “At the GEF, again, we will talk about the future of learning, address the challenges of disruption, discuss the opportunities for a change of era and listen to the voices of more than a thousand students from around the world.”

“The opportunities to learn and grow our own community within the Talloires network cement my own hopes and vision of what we can accomplish together as we look to the future,” concluded Nieves Segovia.