The UCJC International Centre for Governance and Political Marketing launches a government simulation holds its 2021 graduation

Camilo José Cela Centre (UCJC) Centre for Governance and Political Marketing (CIGMAP) brought together a host of former Latin American presidents, former chiefs of staff and communications consultants at its UCJC Almagro Campus.

The final day was attended by Emilio Lora-Tamayo, rector of Camilo José Cela University and Jorge Santiago, director of the International Centre for Governance and Political Marketing, among others. Lora-Tamayo, in his speech, wished to recognise all the students for their efforts throughout the year: “Fate has tested you and has required you showcase all the skills that you have learnt throughout your studies. Resilience, adaptation to change, can-do spirit, creativity and continuous innovation are all key to facing the great challenges that lie ahead”.

The rector also emphasised the importance of lifelong training and learning. “Your learning does not end here, because if there is something that is true today, it is that lifelong learning is already an inescapable reality. Always according to your individual or collective needs, anywhere and at any time because there is nothing like training to grant autonomy and freedom, to help people make decisions correctly and assuming responsibilities in the design of their life projects, in their personal and professional development and in their commitment to society”, he said.

Participants were given the opportunity over two weeks to attend masterclasses in the mornings, and in the afternoons they took part in practical, dynamic and participatory workshops. Due to the public health COVID-19 crisis, unlike past editions, the event was exclusively for students of the International Centre for Governance and Political Marketing at Camilo José Cela University.

Speaking at the conference were Jamil Mahuad, former president of Ecuador; Menoscal Reynoso, editor-in-chief of País Dominicano Temático; Clara López Obregón, former Colombian Minister for Work; Franklin García Fermín, Minister of Higher Education, Science and Technology of the Dominican Republic; Rosalia Arteaga, former president of Ecuador and Aldo de Santis, General Director of the Ibero-American Centre for Communications, Politics and Governance (CICOMP); Enrique Iglesias, former secretary general of the Secretariat for Latin America and Javier Fernandez-Lasquetty, Madrid Regional Minister for the Treasury.