The training ship Cervantes Saavedra and the Oceanogràfic Foundation present the 2nd Blue Planet Cruise

The scheme, promoted by Camilo José Cela University, combines sailing aboard a classic sailboat with training activities and practical workshops led by marine biologists from the Oceanogràfic.

The ship will set sail for the first crossing on 5 August towards the Cabrera Archipelago National Maritime-Terrestrial Park, coinciding with the 30th anniversary of it protection status, and then continue to the rest of the Pitiusas Islands.

Camilo José Cela University and the Oceanogràfic de València Foundation presented the 2nd Blue Planet Crossing. Mysteries of the Mediterranean, a unique initiative that unites the pleasure of sailing the Mediterranean on board the training vessel the schooner Cervantes Saavedra and a program of activities on board based on learning about, experimenting and observing the marine world.

During the month of August, a maximum of three voyages are planned and, from September, weekend trips. The first voyage of the ship this summer will take place from 5 to 10 August and will begin and end in Valencia, hosting 26 passengers, who can now book their place via the or, websites that include the specify the conditions of the trip, anti Covid health and safety measures, as well as the different prices.

The presentation on board the schooner was given by the captain Norah Fernandez-Cuesta and the director of the ‘Admiral Fernando Poole Pérez-Pardo’ Chair of the Sea at UCJCFernando Martin, together with the director of control and management of the Oceanogràfic de València, Paco Torner, and the marine biologist from the Oceanogràfic of the Mediterranean area, Guadalupe Garcia.


Guadalupe García, specialised in marine conservation, and Elena Herrero, a marine biologist specialised in jellyfish, will be the experts who lead the thematic programme with talks, workshops and observations during the voyage.

The activities on the “Mysteries of the Mediterranean” programme will begin on 5 August with a visit before boarding to the Oceanogràfic and an exclusive tour of the ARCA del Mar – known as the turtle hospital – guided by veterinarians who take care of recovering the rescued turtles.

During the days of the voyage the two experts will address topics such as turtles, eels, jellyfish or other migratory animals such as whales, sharks, seabirds, etc. with innovative topics such as the super adaptations of animals to the environment, the villains of the sea or the impact of human beings.

Each topic will include practical workshops that will complement the explanations of the experts. The workshops feature different resources and tools and the observation of marine plankton, identification and sighting of species, samples of marine animals and participants will learn to keep a field journal.

The passengers on the voyage will be able to experience the excitement of releasing one of the turtles recovered by the Oceanogràfic Foundation.

Nautical activities and coves

Boarding will take place in the afternoon at the Marina Sur de València to start the first trip of this summer that will sail through the Cabrera Archipelago National Maritime-Terrestrial Park, coinciding with the 30th anniversary of the protection of the park.

In addition to the activities above, participants will be able to learn to sail from the crew including nautical nomenclature, basic notions of astronomy, history and theory of sailing and even participate in taking shifts and sailing manoeuvres.

We also plan to anchor in coves such as Islas Margaritas and Cala d’Hort in Ibiza and Illetas and Cala Jondal in Formentera.

The return to the starting point will include participation in the lowering of sails and disembarkation.