UCJC launches new Master in Business and Institutional Communication 360º with Communication Study

Estudio de Comunicación today signed a collaboration agreement with the Camilo José Cela University to launch the Master in Business and Institutional Communication 360º. The signing of the agreement, held at the University headquarters on Calle Almagro, in Madrid, was attended by Emilio Lora-Tamayo D’Ocón, rector of the UCJC, and Benito Berceruelo González, CEO of Estudio de Comunicación. Both have expressed their satisfaction for the organization of this Master’s Degree of their own, whose course, of 60 ECTS credits, will begin in September 2021, will last one year and will be taught in person at the UCJC Campus Almagro de Madrid.

The purpose of this Master -which has the guarantee of the leading consultancy in business communication in Spain, Portugal and Latin America and of an academic institution of the highest prestige such as UCJC, internationally recognized and with more than two decades of experience- is to train professionals capable of managing the corporate communication of companies and institutions and being able to access different professional fields such as consultants and communication departments, with experience in the exercise of all areas of communication.

This Master is focused on communication professionals who want to orient their careers to managing the reputation and public image of companies or organizations. Thus, graduates and graduates in Journalism and in Communication, Advertising and Public Relations, Audiovisual Communication, Corporate Communication, Protocol and Events programs, as well as in other disciplines such as Business Sciences, Social Sciences, Law, etc., may choose to study this Master in Business and Institutional Communication 360º.

The Master covers all disciplines of communication practice, from the design of internal and external communication strategies and plans, to the execution of any specific image action: analysis and planning; Financial and crisis communication; Relations with the Media, Institutional Relations and Public Relations, Relations with Investors and Shareholders; Organization of events and protocol; Internal communication; Brand and Reputation; Digital communication and social media; spokesperson training; Corporate identity; creation of supports (web, videos, brochures, apps); Advertising, and other aspects of Communication such as the organization and organization chart, the role of the dircom, etc. All this with a Learning by Doing Methodology, with active professionals, workshops, collaborative learning, online community and Case Study.

The Master has first-rate and prestigious professors in the communication sector, among them Ladislao Azcona and Benito Berceruelo, founding partners of Estudio de Comunicación; Pedro Carreño, journalist, former director of Banco Popular and presenter of TV News and Javier Ayuso, senior advisor of Estudio de Comunicación and former director of BBVA and Casa Real. They will also teach PhDs in Information Sciences, graduates in Audiovisual Communication, Media Directors, etc.

The students of the Master in Business and Institutional Communication 360º will carry out internships in communication consultants and communication departments of important companies and institutions such as Antolín, BMW, Colegio General del Notariado, El Corte Inglés, Iberdrola and Estudio de Comunicación and Villafañe & Asociados, among other.

Emilio Lora-Tamayo D’Ocón, rector of the UCJC, assured that “together with Estudio de Comunicación we have designed the master’s degree that was needed in Spain, and we believe that there is no other so complete, both in theory and in practice”. “From the Camilo Jose Cela University,” he added, “we are going to offer flexible, demanding and practical communication training, adapted to the needs of the job market, which will give students the essential tools to compete in a very demanding but exciting profession. as is the Communication ”.

In the opinion of Benito Berceruelo, “The program and the teaching staff of the master’s degree that we launch together with the Camilo José Cela University will provide students with the experience and know-how of the Communication Study, after 38 years of continuous work in Spain, Portugal and Latin America for more than 3,000 clients. It will be a useful master’s degree, with classes taught by professionals who exercise their trade day by day, and with internships in top-level companies, which will offer students the possibility of learning about techniques and success stories from the hands of the protagonists who have them designed and implemented in their companies”.