Susanna Griso, at UCJC: “Communications has its future assured, there will always be new ways of communicating”

Susanna Griso, winner of two Onda awards and presenter of Espejo Público on Antena 3, spoke with lecturers and students from the Degree in Audiovisual Communications and New Media at Camilo José Cela University. During her hour-long talk, she explained that conventional media must coexist with social media because “they are the highways through which our information is transmitted” and explained how hard it has been to work during the pandemic with “half of the team at home”.

Griso recalled that “this is a fascinating, dynamic profession that is in the process of a quantum shift” and highlighted the importance of universities offering syllabi that are “adapted to new times in which we have to think about new forms of journalism and the digital media, because communications is here to stay and there will always be new ways of communicating”. In addition, due to the difficult times that the world of communications media and news are experiencing, the journalist recommended that students enhance their training, and stressed the importance of languages and on-the-job training.

Throughout the presentation, Griso highlighted the importance of the journalist as a filter of verified information, as well as the importance of knowing how to reinvent oneself and continue learning. In this way, she stressed the need to acquire a very broad knowledge base, in order to then be able to find the way to stand out and offer something different.

Speaking of live journalism, the presenter explained the difficulty of being in front of five cameras and the pressure that this entails. In addition, she recalled many interesting anecdotes or many things that were possible thanks to media coverage and she also confessed that there are many moments in which mistakes are very embarrassing. Which is why she insisted on the importance of students having humility and self-criticism as professionals in order to improve.

The session was moderated by Professor Eduardo González and was also attended by the director of the UCJC Degree in Communications, and deputy director of Espejo Público, Jorge Gallardo. The webinar was seen by over 300 people and can be viewed again on the Degree in Communications Instagram:

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