Nieves Segovia presents the Digital Skills School at the Wake Up, Spain! forum

The president of SEK Education Group has announced the launch of the Camilo José Cela University Digital Skills School at the Wake Up, Spain! forum today.

With the support of El Español and the Inndux Digital Group, UCJC will train executives and middle managers in technology. The Digital Skills School will offer four-month online expert courses, taught by active professionals, who work in areas related to innovation and entrepreneurship. The UCJC will launch this centre with the aim of facilitating lifelong learning, professional retraining and access to a job market that increasingly demands a greater number of managerial profiles and middle managers with high technological capabilities related to the big data, artificial intelligence, robotics or 3D printing, among other technologies.

Nieves Segovia highlighted in her speech that it is “a new concept of business school that was born with the aim of promoting new skills, with a very unique methodology”.

UCJC will offer through the Digital Skills School a new specialised fintech course, aimed at professionals in the banking or financial sectors; another course focused on insurtech, aimed at innovation in the insurance sector; a third focused on e-Health, in the field of health, to study new and future trends related to personalised medicine or artificial intelligence. Finally, the Digital Transformation programme is aimed at professionals from the industrial and service sectors.

Students will be given a year’s subscription to the Inndux500 tool, which analyses emerging digital trends in business around the world from leading companies, organisations and gurus.

‘Wake up, Spain!’, organised by the digital newspaper El Español and Invertia, examined the government’s Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan for the application of European funds. It was also attended by the Spanish prime minister, Pedro Sánchez, members of his cabinet, regional presidents, mayors, leading businesspeople and social leaders. The sessions lasted four days and took place face-to-face at the Casa de América in Madrid and were broadcast via streaming.