Lorenzo Caprile gives a masterclass to Film Degree students

The Degree in Film and Audiovisual Fiction at Camilo José Cela University has organised a masterclass with Lorenzo Caprile, as guest of honour, at the Almagro Campus. At this meeting, Caprile offered our students a masterclass on film and theatre wardrobe design, as well as examples from his own professional career.

In his presentation he spoke about the importance of wardrobe design and its relationship with the script and the historical context, the psychology of the characters and the actors, its influences, the importance of the context, the challenges and their solutions.

Lorenzo Caprile is a Spanish dressmaker who began his studies at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York and at the International Polytechnic of Fashion in Florence. In addition, he has a degree in Language and Literature from the University of Florence. From 1986 he began working for different ready-to-wear fashion firms in Italy and Spain. In 1993 he opened his own haute couture studio in Madrid, specialising in wedding dresses and evening wear.

Passionate about cinema and theatre, he has collaborated as a wardrobe designer for films such as The Wolf of Wall Street, La Dama Boba, Un Paraíso Bajo las Estrellas and in numerous editions of the Goya Awards and many other international festivals, also worth highlighting is his work for the National Classical Theatre Company.  In 2017 he received the Gold Medal for Merit in Fine Arts from the Ministry of Culture of the Kingdom of Spain. He is a regular judge on the TVE program Maestros de la Costura.