Camilo José Cela University hosts the Entrepreneurship Week

Camilo José Cela University launched Entrepreneurship Week, three days of online meetings and networking between entrepreneurs from different fields and undergraduate, postgraduate and vocational training students from UCJC and also students from SEK International Schools.

This event was designed to be an inspiring meeting for the entire university community, both for students and professionals and teachers, with over twenty entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs, to showcase their passion for entrepreneurship and give them the tips on learning to be enterprising.

“In this week of entrepreneurship, one of SEK’s hallmarks, many of the things that are important for us converge,” said Nieves Segovia, president of SEK Education Group. “We understand it as a way of seeing life and having an impact on our surroundings, of intrapreneurship in our life and of being resilient, flexible, creative and, ultimately, of developing all those skills that are essential today”, she remarked in her address.

Meanwhile, David Martín, director of the UCJC Entrepreneurship, Skills and Social Commitment area, stated in the presentation that “at the university we want to be known and recognised as entrepreneurs. An entrepreneurial university in which its students, faculty and professionals breathe these values into their culture.”

Félix López, director of SEK Lab, has said that “for years we have promoted entrepreneurship in students in all degrees and master’s degrees, and we like to accompany them on their adventure and bring entrepreneurs to meet students who want to undertake and intrapreneurship, so they do it safely. “

About twenty entrepreneurs will share their experiences to inspire students to learn how to prepare and face a professional world in the throes of transformation.

Adherence to the High Commission for the Entrepreneurial Nation Spain

Entrepreneurship Week is one of the lines of action defined by Camilo José Cela University as part of the High Commission for the Entrepreneurial Nation Spain strategy, which it recently joined. This High Commission aims for Spain to become a leading country in entrepreneurship by 2030.

As an agent of the entrepreneurial and innovative ecosystem, UCJC will promote innovative entrepreneurship through the development of national and international talent with a focus on overcoming the gender gap and the territorial gap.