The Camilo José Cela University CEP promotes Dual Vocational Training

Camilo José Cela University has formalised its adherence to the Alliance for Dual Vocational Training with the purpose of continuing to promote and offer quality and outstanding training to its students.

“The CEP joins forces with the Alliance for the Promotion of Dual Vocational Training with the firm intention of uniting their efforts in the objective of continuing to promote this type of Vocational Training”, said Maria Jesus Retana, director of the UCJC Centre for Professional Studies, who added that “the decision has been made to provide students with the most outstanding and quality training.”

UCJC is committed to quality professional training, and the dual model provides multiple benefits for students, such as more hours of internships or work than theoretical teaching, a large majority of paid students and even the opportunity to obtain stable work. Vocational training currently has almost full employability in all sectors.