UCJC welcomes the future Spanish Paralympic cycling team

Camilo José Cela University’s UCJC Sports Club welcomed six members of the Cofidis Paralympic Promises Team, to hold the second edition of the Cofidis Paralympic Cycling Days, in collaboration with the Spanish Paralympic Committee (CPE) and the Royal Spanish Cycling Federation (RFEC). This event welcomed the new team members to the Villafranca Campus.

The new up-and-coming talents, Markel Alonso (17 years old, Vizcaya), Jaime Andrés (22 years old, Madrid), Javier Gonzalez (19 years old, Madrid), Pau Navarro (26 years old, Barcelona) and Ander Albizu (19 years old, Guipúzcoa) joined Juan Alberto Jimenez (23 years old, Zaragoza) for a training weekend on the roads of Madrid.

The new members of “Cofidis Kids”, the youth team, were also presented over the three-day event. In addition, they were joined by top-level athletes such as Luis Miguel Garcia-Marquina or Gonzalo García Abella, who trained and shared their experiences through a motivational talk for the new talents.