Fernando Reimers explains how to promote global citizenship from education and school

Fernando Reimers, Director of the Global Initiative for Educational Innovation at Harvard University, took part in the digital colloquium on Global Citizenship organised by the School of Education at Camilo José Cela University. He also presented his latest book, Educación global para mejorar el mundo, in which he explains and outlines his ideas on how to promote global citizenship in education and at schools.

The event featured the opening remarks by Nieves Segovia, President of SEK Education Group, who referred to Fernando Reimers as “a person whose contribution to education has changed entire societies.” Segovia also wanted to emphasise the role of Reimers in the evolution of learning and stated that “international education owes Professor Reimers an incalculable debt”.

Fernando Reimers went on to analyse the levels of motivation and satisfaction of the world’s students with their life and their education, highlighting that in Spain 74% of students are completely satisfied with their current situation. The Harvard University professor praised the educational structure at SEK Schools and Camilo José Cela University, the network of teachers that form it and how they communicate with each other to learn from each other and evolve by sharing their learning experiences.

Reimers noted that his new book is “new in that it identifies a tool to communicate and provides some mental models to understand the process of change in education and global citizenship”. Furthermore, it is structured into five sections or perspectives: “The book contains perspectives that span culture, learning sciences and a professional, institutional and a political approach.”

Several representatives of SEK Education Group took part in a round table discussion including Carmen Sanchez, dean of the School of Education at Camilo Jose Cela University; Alan Order, primary teacher at SEK-Santa Isabel; Roxane Perez, primary teacher at SEK-Santa Isabel; Jennifer Pro, year 1 and 2 ESO coordinator at SEK-Ciudalcampo; Maria Amor Vieira, Director of Learning at SEK-El Castillo; Manuel Berrio, librarian and CAS coordinator at SEK-Alboran and Elnara Israfiloca, PYP Coordinator at SEK-Alborán.

The teachers discussed the SEK Future Learning Model, key to understanding the educational model at SEK Education Group and how is not only focusses its efforts on the curricular enrichment of its students, but it also focuses on its teachers and their professional and personal development.

In addition, they spoke of the educational, scientific and social commitment projects that the students and teachers at SEK Schools are currently pursuing, and that are part of their educational curriculum and help them become global citizens and protagonists of change in the world, in line with the words of Fernando Reimers, who said that “if you change the curriculum, you can change the world.”