El color de la mañana: UCJC and ABC present the book collecting Cela’s manuscripts

Camilo José Cela University and the newspaper ABC today presented the book collecting over 500 handwritten articles, including a several of those that the Nobel Literature Laureate published for El color de la mañana column.

The manuscripts reveal the patient work of his writing, with a precise and rich language, and the work that Cela did around history, politics, society and culture in the final years of his life. Edited by UCJC, the University has acquired, curated and showcased this sample of Cela’s journalistic legacy from 1993 to his death.

The Rector of UCJC, Emilio Lora-Tamayo, the Editor-in-chief of ABC, Julian Quirós, and the President of SEK Education Group, Nieves Segovia gave the welcoming addresses for the event.

“Camilo José Cela and our founder and source of inspiration Felipe Segovia shared a spirit of searching for truth, rigour, excellence and improvement of the human being and society, giving shape to the university that receives the name of the writer and Nobel Laureate in the autumn of 2000 and to everything that we are today as a university community”, said Lora-Tamayo. “Camilo José Cela University is very proud to be charged with curating the twenty-three manuscripts of El Color de la Mañana that include over 500 articles, speeches, letters and other texts by the author and will honour its commitment to keep his intellectual legacy alive.”

According to Julián Quirós, “Cela worked with ABC total of five times, we are delighted to participate with the UCJC in the presentation of these manuscripts”.

Meanwhile, Nieves Segovia recalled the years in which Camilo José Cela collaborated in the creation of the university that bears his name, and which coincided with the years in which he wrote these articles. “A personal commitment in which he graced us with his wise, ironic, tender, extremely intelligent gaze, allowing him to return to being a journalist, a profession he never really left,” she said.

This was followed by a round table discussion featuring Adolfo Sotelo Vazquez, Director of the Camilo José Cela Chair of Hispanic StudiesJesus Garcia Calero, editor-in-chief of Culture at ABC; and Sonia Betancort, professor at the UCJC School of Education.

“I am very happy to be able to celebrate the presentation of these manuscripts here,” said Adolfo Sotelo, one of the greatest experts on the author in Spain, who gave a breakdown of Cela’s biography and work. “The thematic richness of these manuscripts are an essential part of Camilo José Cela’s work”, he said.

“It has been an honour to have the opportunity to read these manuscripts, to see how Cela projects his image and identity, and how it creates tension for a writer who is very concerned with his image. These articles are very neat, very rigorous, they show a Cela very careful with what he writes, and also with what he doesn’t. And he omits things for a reason, he is concerned about how people will perceive him, because he also gave importance to how those manuscripts were going to be interpreted in the future,” said Sonia Betancort.

The presentation took place at the UCJC’s Almagro Campus, in Madrid, to commemorate its 20th anniversary and where a plaque was unveiled in honour of its Honorary and Life Rector, Camilo José Cela.