CNN correspondent Alan Goodman teaches audiovisual communication at UCJC

CNN’s correspondent in Madrid, Alan Goodman, has joined the teaching faculty of the Degree in Communications at Camilo José Cela University this year to teach Journalistic Genres in the field of new audiovisual media. Goodman was the full-time correspondent for the North American TV channel for many years and returned in March 2020, this time as a freelance correspondent for the same channel. He works as a reporter and creator of digital content from Madrid, now only in English, and previously also in Spanish.

He is a leading journalist in the field of multiplatform communications in Spain and has also collaborated with prestigious media outlets such as The New York Times or Business Week. Goodman has covered a wide number of stories in different countries such as Russia, Turkey, Morocco or Portugal.

Alan Goodman has collaborated with UCJC in audiovisual education, and this academic year will be teaching the students on the Degree in Communications who will be able to enjoy their subject entirely in English. The Degree in Communications has a faculty made up by experts and professionals leaders in audiovisual communications, journalism, public relations and consulting.